Mega Mobile | Yezz Mobile – a New Contender or a Fluke?
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Yezz Mobile – a New Contender or a Fluke?


11 Oct Yezz Mobile – a New Contender or a Fluke?

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In recent years plenty of new manufacturers of smartphones and handheld devices have surfaced, some of them are already gone, but others, interestingly enough, refuse to be stomped into ashes by the overbearing competition and manage to produce some of the surprisingly affordable, yet incredibly good smartphones that pop up whenever you least expect them. Such manufacturers are OnePlus, for instance, Prestigio, Oppo, VeryKool, Gigabyte, but until recently also Lenovo, which purchased Motorola, Xiaomi, ZTE, just to name a few.

Yezz Mobile was founLD0001553418_2ded some three years ago in Miami, Florida, USA and originally it was meant to be a smartphone for Latinos. Envisioned was to enter the markets in Middle and South America, perhaps Spain and Portugal, but that was about it. Targeting a certain ethnicity or region does have advantages, because then you can focus your product more towards a certain customer, which brings better recognition among peers, which brings sales and after you have conquered that certain demographic, you can always expand. Yezz Mobile was thinking smartly, but they did not expect to gain such immense popularity in such a short time span.

The idea is simple, not everyone in Middle and South America can afford a flagship smartphone, but all of them want to have a great phone for an affordable price, particularly in those regions where affordable means cheap. All the functionality, all the bells and whistles, fast processor, enough RAM and storage, good enough resolution – around Apple iPhone quality – and Spanish or Portuguese as the main input languages. All Yezz smartphones fit this description well, besides Yezz also offers a bunch of regular cellular phones as well, such as the Yezz Classic C60 or the flip phone Classic C50. The Classic C22 also looks like the old Nokia, but is colourful and has a killer price, which is below twenty quid and comes in any colour you can imagine.

Suddenly Yezz is popular and can be obtained also in France, the UK, Romania and Bulgaria, besides the already aforementioned USA, Middle and South America, Mexico, Portugal and Spain. No other countries are listed as having Yezz phones, but all retailers and providers are being encouraged to get in contact with Yezz.

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