Mega Mobile | Will HTC Manage to Keep up the Beat?
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Will HTC Manage to Keep up the Beat?


08 Apr Will HTC Manage to Keep up the Beat?

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In 2003 HTC resurfaced as a serious contender in the mobile device marketplace with the unveiling of the HTC One. The company did have certain milestones in the past, like the first ever Android based phone, allowing the initiate introduction of the now dominant operating system to start conquering the world. During that time, HTC as a company struggled with its own identity, unsure which path to take and spending way too much money on R&D, or at least so it seemed. For many surprisingly, but for insiders a clear testimony to good planning, HTC started releasing innovative and ground-breaking devices and is now considered one of the major smartphone producing entities within the mobile phone market.

Conquering the crown of having produced the best smartphone two years in a row did not diminish the fervour HTC seems to be currently having, a brand new advertising campaign for the HTC One M9, the third generation of the best phone HTC ever made, has been made public, featuring none other but the Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr. in several quirky and borderline weird clips where the new device is not even shown. Despite the definitely original content and high quality of the advertising bits, HTC is still not managing to generate enough buzz which would propel the company in the heights of Apple and Samsung.


HTC managed to have Google take serious notice of the company, in fact they were very eager to hire HTC to manufacture their recent tablet device, the HTC Google Nexus 9, which got released less than six months ago. Furthermore, their revamped Desire series of devices gained on popularity and with the incredible price/performance ratio HTC constantly manages to achieve, it is a safe bet that this rise is only going to continue straight on its way up towards the top.

Be it as it may, ever since 2011, HTC managed to gain the third overall position in regards to the market value of the company, only Samsung and Apple are in front, exchanging constantly in the lead. HTC seems to be a stable third for now, ever since NOKIA got purchased by Microsoft and took that particular competitor straight out of the equation. With some exciting upcoming releases and also gaining ground in sales in markets such as India and China, HTC is constantly stabilising its market position and lurking behind the behemoths Samsung and Apple. It would not be surprising that at some point, with the patience and smartness Confucius would envy, HTC one day becomes the dominant smartphone and handheld device manufacturer.

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