Mega Mobile | Why Is iPhone Still a Thing?
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Why Is iPhone Still a Thing?


04 May Why Is iPhone Still a Thing?

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At some point in history, Apple ruled the smartphone world. There was nothing out there, which could rival an iPhone, Samsung was just starting out, HTC just released the first ever Android phone, but Apple with the iPhone was the undisputed leader, the best smartphone on the market, a coveted gadget with sheer endless capabilities, wonderful to behold. Steve Jobs was still alive and pushed Apple to be creative, innovative, versatile and productive. Everybody on this world dreamed of owning one of them iPhones, some lucky people managed to have one, the legend was born in June 2007 and held on to the throne for a couple of glorious years.

Actually up until the Apple iPhone 3GS, nobody could even touch or come near Apple. Then Steve Jobs died, the last phone he worked on was the iPhone 4S, viewed by many as the last real iPhone, and after 2010 or 2011 the iPhone became a smartphone, which albeit overpriced provided features and specifications that are at least two years behind the competition. Since 2011 Apple was unable to provide users with something truly astonishing, only trying to mark territory with the controversial fingerprint scanner and the useless 64-bit architecture.


The insistence on staying on a small screen, while all the other manufacturers provided everything from postal stamp size to phablet size hurt Apple a lot. Nothing hurt Apple more, however, than the inability to stay in front of everybody in terms of technology and innovation. Boom sound by HTC, curved screen by Samsung, excellent and unparalleled cameras by Sony, top of the line speed by Google Nexus devices, commonly manufactured by LG and now Motorola and HTC, infinitely better display screens with more ppi than “Retina” screens made by the entire competition and much more shamed Apple’s self-proclaimed “top of the line specs” into the gutter.

Now why do people still purchase iPhones and how come Apple announces sales that are beyond reason? Simple enough, Apple has contracts with thousands of retailers and service providers all over the world, who purchase any latest iPhone incarnation, even if it is the worst piece of junk ever manufactured. People purchase the iPhone, because Apple still has a good name and the 2007 to 2010 reputation is hard to kill. Apple does manufacture functional phones, only the phones are lagging behind competition by up to two years, in most specs and innovations. In addition to that, people are extremely gullible. Conditioned to follow the media and PR concepts into any craze, these sheep will buy anything Apple PR wizards put in front of their faces, no matter how useless and ugly it is. The next such thing will be the completely useless and incredibly ugly and overpriced Apple watch.

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