Mega Mobile | Why Is Getting a Phone Contract with Bad Credit a Good Thing?
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Why Is Getting a Phone Contract with Bad Credit a Good Thing?


21 Mar Why Is Getting a Phone Contract with Bad Credit a Good Thing?

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A monthly plan where your carrier also provides the phone at either no cost or a monthly additional payment may seem a great idea, but if you have bad credit, chances are you will get turned down. On the other hand, if you manage to get such a monthly plan, in time, if you pay your monthly payments in due time, you will ultimately repair your bad credit, unless you have other debts you fail to pay. In any case, there is nothing bad in having a mobile phone and a call plan that allows you to stay in contact and available.

What is the catch?

Large service providers, like Vodafone, O2, and EE cannot be bothered to closely look into every applicant and despite what they say, they do not tailor offers to fit your needs. They generally offer certain plans with various degrees of customization and once your credit verification clears, they just give you a go. If your credit check comes back as bad, they most likely just turn you down, without bothering to individually verify that particular person’s actual payment capabilities.

But which plan is right for me?

Despite what you may have been told, the right plan for you is the plan you can afford, it is your use practice that needs to change. Simply calculate which monthly payment plan suits your spending capabilities – long term. Browse through available offers and find the closest match to your current and estimated future phone usage, which also falls within your budgeted payment amount. If you plan on getting a phone as well, make sure that you pick one you can afford, not the one everybody is talking about, because most of the time, the PR talk is only masking the lack of feature improvements.


Which phone should I pick?

Again, the focus should not be on the best, or the most popular, but on the one you can afford. All you can do is check your financial capabilities and then match the phone to your wallet size. Almost every week there is a new phone being released. Yet, there are only few that truly innovate and change the way how people perceive the mobile phone industry. The latest Apple iPhone is not necessarily the best available phone, the prettiest Samsung display does not mean that the phone itself is any different from the previous model. Most of the time it would be smart to simply go into a store and check the phones directly, hands-on. If all people would do such a thing, Apple would not be a factor in mobile phones anymore and Samsung would only issue five new phone models each year.

What now?

It is about time you apply for your new phone. If you went through the aforementioned steps, you are ready to order. Keep always in mind that an informed customer is the best customer, if you know what you are doing, all else will very simply fall into place.

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