Mega Mobile | Why Get a Phone Contract
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Why Get a Phone Contract

Nowadays, mobile contracts are easily available from both high street stores and online retailers. Because of the easy, one-click processes, you can get approved within 24 hours and have your brand new phone delivered to your doorstep in just a few days.

But if you think obtaining a mobile phone contract is merely nothing than joining the bandwagon, you’re wrong! A mobile contract promises you a more convenient way to access your mobile services and much, much more!

More Affordable Pricing Scheme

With a phone contract, getting the phone that you want becomes closer to reality. This is because you can spread the cost of the handset over the duration of your contract term. If you don’t have the cash (like many of us) to buy the phone that you want outright, a mobile contract gives you a payment plan that you can afford.

No Need to Top-Up

If you’re using a PAYG phone, you most likely find it inconvenient to top up your credits all the time. You may even have run out of them in the middle of an important call, which is very frustrating. With a contract phone, on the other hand, you don’t have to worry about running out of credits mid-use, because you just have to make a set payment at the end of every month.

Broader Package Choices

When you’re shopping for a contract mobile phone, you are basically dealing with a number of network providers who are competing for your subscription. This means you’ll be offered with plenty of different options to choose from, unlike with PAYG where the packages are pretty much the same. Additionally, mobile carriers even allow you to tailor your contract’s terms to match your service needs.

Cheaper Phone Services than PAYG

Compared to pay-as-you-go, the rates of mobile services for a mobile contract are lower. This means you can cut back on what you would normally spend if you bought your mobile and your credits separately. The effects would also be more felt if you are a heavy user, wherein you can take advantage of unlimited bundles.

Be Current with the Newest Phones

One of the exciting features of having a mobile contract is the ability to upgrade to the latest phone model once you renew your subscription. These upgrades are often offered for free or at a much reduced cost as compared to the phone’s retail price. This means you get to keep using “fresh” phones regularly.

Exclusive Bonuses from Your Network

With a mobile contract, you gain access to a surplus of discounts and promos that are not offered to pay-as-you-go subscribers. From time to time, network providers reward their loyal customers in the form of free calls, texts, or data. You may even be able to call your family or friends under the same carrier for free, or be offered a substantial discount when you renew your contract.

Helps with Credit Repair

Lastly, having a mobile contract can be very useful in building your credit or in repairing damaged credit. When you’ve opt in a mobile subscription, you commit to paying a certain amount each month to your provider, in the same way that you pay for other utilities such as your cable or landline. This subscription would be recorded in your credit file and will be accessible by other lenders and businesses who would like to see your credit history. While being timely with your monthly mobile payments alone is not enough to save your credit, all your positive payment behaviours can add up and should help improve your credit worthiness over time.

Who is a Mobile Contract For?

A mobile contract may be suitable for a huge number of population, but it may not be for everyone. If you’re still confused whether to get a contract phone or not, the following are your basic guidelines.

  • You use up a lot of calls and text credits every month.
  • You use your phone a lot to surf the internet (you need to check your emails regularly, you maintain a blog, you need to access your social media accounts etc.)
  • Your job requires you to stay up-to-date with the freshest smartphones regularly.
  • You don’t travel a lot, thus you won’t have any problems about reception or roaming charges even if you stick with the same network for quite some time.
  • You are trying to improve your credit rating.