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Which Phone Should You Buy


19 Apr Which Phone Should You Buy

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It is hard to withstand the barrage of mobile phone commercials and stay unimpressed by the artfully composed features that look as if you need them. Colourful displays loom as if something world shattering will appear any minute and you will be doomed if you miss that particular glimpse into colour corrected greatness. Famous actors, actresses, company bigwigs and anybody who gains from appearing in that commercial profess never-before-seen uniqueness and technology beyond human comprehension. Okay, we get it, it is a phone, a smartphone. Now why should you buy this particular one, when there are thousands other just like that one out there, most of them cheaper?

Stay with the trend

Seven billion people and you are the special one, the only one, the Neo in this particular Matrix, Jesus in this particular Nazareth. Purchase one of these phones and you belong to the elite, to the special group of people with a half-eaten apple on the back, with the ridiculous logo consisting of letters HTC, or Samsung, or Sony, or Huawei, or LG, or whatever else is out there. The privilege of owning one of these devices will cost you dearly, but it is only a small price to pay, because you will belong, you will be in the “in” crowd, you will be the special someone who matters, who counts, who is a leader, a person of trust and wisdom, since that you chose wisely by purchasing this particular device.

Faster, brighter, shinier, prettier

Look, there is a version of your phone made in gold with diamonds encrusted. The Sheikh so-and-so has one, he paid it millions, there are only twenty of such phones out there. You can have one just like that, only no gold and diamonds, but you are no sheikh either. You get just the same features like the uber-rich guy, you get to be a bland copy of the filthy rich Croesus, but you are, still, one of the chosen. Look, everybody, I have the Edge, the Apple, the M9, the G3, the incredible unique phone, which only was manufactured for ten million other pathetic, blind, gullible people with enough money to waste on something that is actually not any better than the previous model, which was yesterday’s wonder. Guess what, you can have that wonder at a fraction of the original price right now, but your wallet is fatter, you want the new stuff, who cares that there is no difference! See, this one says M8, the new one says M9. No mine says iPhone 6, but there comes iPhone 7! Mine is Samsung Galaxy S5, yet S6 is right here!


Shut up and take my money

If you could, would you stop for a minute and simply think? Just how is the HTC One M9 better than the M8? Do you actually see or perceive any difference? Is the iPhone 5S really that bad, that you have to toss it and get the iPhone 6? What is the difference between Samsung Galaxy 5 and Galaxy 6? Do you know the difference, do you know what that miniscule difference means? Allow me to present you with an example. The Galaxy 6 is 64-bit, the Galaxy 5 is not. This is better, right? Wrong. Due to the architecture and the 3GB RAM limitation, the Galaxy 6 will be a fraction slower than the Galaxy 5, when handling the same application. Now why did you get the Galaxy 6 again?


There is no reason why you should always have the latest available smartphone. The original HTC One, now called M7, received an update to Android Lollipop 5.0.2. Maybe, if you own both of them, the M7 and the latest M9, and use them simultaneously, you may perceive slight differences in use, but only maybe. You still can purchase an HTC One M7, it costs significantly less than the M9. Other similar purchases, throughout the field of manufacturers are widely available. Do not waste your hard earned money, be smart and purchase wisely. Nobody will thank you and give you a prize for purchasing the latest model. You will not become a member in an elite club, just because you own an iPhone. You can act snotty and pretend to be better than other people, just like all other Apple aficionados do, making a fool out of yourself. Wise up. It is your money, start acting your age and think, before you throw your money at a smirking manufacturer you conned you again.

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