Mega Mobile | Which Cell Phone Operating System Is the Best?
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Which Cell Phone Operating System Is the Best?


09 Dec Which Cell Phone Operating System Is the Best?

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If you’re buying a smartphone, one of the key considerations you should carefully investigate is the operating system. There are four major choices in the market and it is imperative for you to compare them side by side so you can make a more informed decision. To help you pinpoint the best OS for you needs, below are more details:

Apple iOS

With the launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is Apple’s latest version of its iOS. Of all the choices, it is the iOS that works with the broadest choices of apps including of course Apple’s numerous apps. You have access to a wide array of app selections available in the mobile industry. The integration of iTunes and Safari mobile makes the mobile experience a step up for iPhone and iPad users. But more importantly, seamless communication is possible and available for all your Apple devices.

On the downside, the Safari browser does not support Flash which means there are websites that won’t load and work. Other than that, the iOS is an excellent choice to consider first.

Google Android

Apple’s iOS is managed by Apple. Google Android, on one hand, is an open-source platform that welcomes third party developers to join in the fun. They can create apps and tools which users can download via the Google Play store. Android is also more centered as a consumer and social network platform. You can gamble and watch porn using Android which is not at all allowed for iOS users.

On the downside, Android has more security vulnerabilities but you should be safe so long as you stick with downloads from verifiable and recommended sources.


Windows Phone 8

Last year, Windows Phone 8 grabbed the top spot as PC Mag’s reader’s choice for the most satisfying operating system garnering an average score of 9 out of 10. The OS from Windows is typically available for handsets with luxuriously large screens. It also has its own app store which is like the Google Play Store and you’d a Microsoft ID to manage your account. It also has a Kid’s Corner feature which is a pretty practical component for users with kids.

There is a growing number of smartphone choices that run on this OS but the disadvantage is the lack of selection in the Windows Phone 8’s app store that leave many users thinking twice.

Blackberry 10

There was a time that BlackBerry stole the spotlight but Android and iOS prevailed with their lure of a wider app selection. For the sake of comparison, we’ll highlight some of the operating system’s best advantages. The Blackberry 10 is designed specifically for business users. Email and text messaging, in particular, are easy to access. The recently updated OS also promise a more interactive experience.

The Bottom Line

While the four operating systems have their advantages and disadvantages, it is Apple’s iOS that seems to be way ahead of the competition especially if you’re after a wide variety of app choices to choose from. In the end, however, the perfect choice will still depend on your needs and how the operating system of your choices meets those needs to a tee.

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