Mega Mobile | When Is the Right Time to Buy Your Kid a Mobile Phone?
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When Is the Right Time to Buy Your Kid a Mobile Phone?


10 Dec When Is the Right Time to Buy Your Kid a Mobile Phone?

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Cell phones have become an essential aspect of our modern lives that even kids are nagging their parents to get them one. Experts, however, argue that getting your child a mobile phone prematurely may result in a few disadvantages. They’ll be exposed to the dangers of cyber-bullying not to mention sexting and inappropriate websites. On one hand, getting them a cellphone also means it will be easier for parents to stay in touch with their kids.

So when is exactly the right time for kids to have a cell phone?

According to a recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive, 22% of parents think that 10 is the appropriate age while a total of 43% says that the right age falls between ages 10 to 12.

Considering all other factors, however, experts agree that there is really no single right answer for the question. With smartphones becoming more advanced and packed with features, it’s no longer about the right age but rather about the maturity level of your child. As parents, you are the only people who are in a position to gauge whether your child’s is ready to own a cellphone or not.

To help you assess the situation and make a sound decision, there are four key factors to address. One is with regards to your child’s need for a phone in order to stay connected especially during emergencies. Two is about your child understanding and respecting the limitation in time and usage of the cellphone. Three is with respect to the acceptable apps and websites your child can download and browse. Finally, your child should know how to use the phone, who and who not to call and what and what not to send.

If all those key factors are covered positively then it’s probably time to get your tween his or her first mobile phone. Just remember that this step is a huge one for you and your child. It will require you sit down with your child and talk about the advantages and disadvantages of owning a cellphone.

As parents, it is your job to ensure your child’s welfare but also important is your willingness to listen to his or her opinions. Respect what he or she has to say and incorporate that when making your final decision. Again, the key is to be able to determine your child’s maturity level. If she can handle the responsibility of owning a phone as well as the possible repercussions, it’s probably time to give your child what he or she wants.


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