Mega Mobile | When Is It Time to Buy a New Phone?
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When Is It Time to Buy a New Phone?


30 Apr When Is It Time to Buy a New Phone?

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Your contract is expiring, renewal pending, so you consider picking a brand new phone. Only a year ago you picked the latest and the most touted about phone and it is still doing everything perfectly. Yet, the carrier has all kind of new devices on display and you are tempted. Choosing a new phone is never easy, all the new features are sometimes having completely different names in various phones, understanding that HTC Sense and Samsung TouchWiz are actually various versions of the same thing requires some knowledge and time spent researching. There is no question that different manufacturers produce completely different phones, where some of the devices will fit you well, but some you will hate with a passion. Yet keep in mind that this was never a question or a consideration up until you entered the store. The question was and is, do you need a new phone?

Answering this question is not easy, because a lot depends on the actual device you have been using for the time being. If you owned a HTC One M7 and are thinking about upgrading to the new HTC One M9, then rest assured, if your battery is running strong, you are not gaining much here. The same can be said for the switch from Samsung Galaxy S5 to the Samsung Galaxy S6, unless you want in on the Edge gimmick, understandable, but it is a useless feature. Apple iPhones are not really an issue, you either have an iPhone, or you do not. People who have it will religiously follow to the next model, no matter what reason and common sense would say.

The difference happens when you own a low-end or even middle-class phone and are considering a top of the line device. There the improvement is so vividly perceptible, you will pat yourself on the back every time you take out and look at your new toy. Similar culture shock happen is you switch from, say, an iPhone 4S to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. There are worlds between these two phones. Granted, if you do not want the Stylus pen, then perhaps you would fare better with the HTC One, but the Note 4 is so much different than any other phone, it is staggering.


In history of mobile phones there were in the beginning Nokia and Sony Ericsson, then came the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S series, HTC One and now the Samsung Galaxy Note, where the latest Edge version is truly something else. If you only want to experience the best specs, yet are unable or unwilling to spend money on a phone, then consider the OnePlus One. Touted as one of the best Android phones of late, it costs only the half what the competitors are charging, with all the same bells and whistles.

Returning to the original question, the idea to purchase a new phone must be a sensible one. If you truly need a new phone, because your old one is falling apart, it makes sense to get a new one. Getting a new phone only because there is a new model out there makes absolutely no sense. There are no stellar new features available, apart from the Edge gimmick. Only if you are switching from Apple to Android or you have an old NOKIA and would like one of them new know-it-all phones, then yes, by all means. Other than that, if your one year old device is still going strong, does what you need and you are happy with it, save yourself the trouble of moving everything from one phone to the other, just so you can show people that you have a new phone, which is for all you know actually entirely the same phone with a new mask.

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