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Tips to Save Cash on Everyday Expenses


06 Mar Tips to Save Cash on Everyday Expenses

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It seems like every day, money has to go out of our pockets, one way or another. It’s hard to imagine not ever spending on basic necessities such as food, utilities, and transportation, and often, we make them an excuse as to why we overspend and fail to save. However, there are actually things you can do to reduce the cost of these everyday expenses, by simply following these tips.

Consider Other Means of Transportation

If the extra cost of gas and car maintenance make it seem like your expenses are endless, perhaps you should consider other means of transportation, such as the bus or the subway. Also consider biking or walking your way to work, which is not only healthy and environment friendly, but is also free! Meanwhile, if none of these options are feasible and you need to travel by car, consider carpooling with your officemates to cut down on travel costs.

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Choose When to and When not to Buy in Season

Most of the time, it makes sense to buy produce which are in season because they tend to sell cheaper. However, when it comes to other items, like clothing, you might be better off buying them out of season. For instance, purchase winter outfits during summer and vice versa. Also consider buying Christmas decors during the first and second quarters of the year.

Buy in Bulk

While buying in small quantities may seem that you’re spending less at the time you’re making the purchase, bulk buying can actually mean you’re saving more over the long haul. Most of the time, products are discounted when bought in wholesale. Of course, use common sense in deciding which products will perish easily, and which can be stocked for quite some time.

Sandwich Your Shopping and Grocery Days

We all have that one day of the week where we need to go shopping or do the groceries. And for most of us, during these times do we spend a lot more than we originally planned, due to impulse purchases. If this often happens to you, try to sandwich your shopping and grocery days between two very important tasks, so that your time shopping will be very limited, enough only to buy only what you need. When you’re on a rush, you won’t have time to get distracted by stuff that you don’t really need.

Eat Healthily

Eating healthily mostly involves planning and preparing your own meals, thereby eliminating the costs of outside meals. If you’re intent on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you’re most likely to bag your meals to work as well.

Eating healthily doesn’t necessarily mean you’re depriving yourself of the good stuff, but it involves smart eating, with more fruits and vegetables and less of meat and junk food. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll feel good about yourself, especially when you’re able to save cash in the process.


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