Mega Mobile | Things to Remember before Selling Your Old Phone for Cash
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Things to Remember before Selling Your Old Phone for Cash


23 Nov Things to Remember before Selling Your Old Phone for Cash

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If you’re looking to purchase a new mobile and want to cover some of the cost by selling your old handset, there are a few considerations before doing so. The following can help ensure that you get the most value out of your old device.

Check if No One Else in the Family Needs It

As much as you’d want to get some money out of your phone, you need to check first if no one else in the family needs it. If you find out later that one of your kids or your spouse needs to buy or replace a defective handset, you’ll be able to save more money handing down your used but working handset than purchase a new one for them.

Make Sure All of Your Files and Data are Removed

Before sending off your phone to someone else, ensure that your safety and privacy are protected. It’s not enough to simply delete your messages, media files, and log out of your email and other accounts. You don’t know how much amount of data your phone can store, data that could be dangerous when acquired by the wrong hands. Make sure to perform a full factory reset, and don’t include your memory card in the sale.

Attend to Minor Fixes

If your phone has obvious scratches, dents, or a defective battery, these can significantly reduce its value. Some phone repairers can fix minor issues for just a small cost, and in return you can sell your phone at a much higher cost. Not to mention that the likelihood of someone buying your phone increases if it looks and works great.

Include All Accessories

If you’ve bought some screen protectors, hard casings, powerbank, spare batteries, headsets, earphones, speakers, etc., might as well include them in the package if you don’t have any use for them. Also make sure to include the phone’s original box and chargers. A complete phone package doesn’t just attract more buyers, but it’s a good reflection of how careful you were with your phone.


Be Honest

If there’s any damage or issue with your phone, make sure to be honest about it. Don’t hide the fact that your battery is flawed, that your phone takes time to switch open, or if it crashes from time to time. Once the buyer tests it out and find these issues, not only will you lose a sale, but may receive negative feedback if the purchase pushed through. This will greatly hurt your reputation if you’re using online sites like eBay or Amazon.

Shop Around

Lastly, it would be wise to shop around marketplaces where you can sell used items and check where you can get the best offer. Some sites may assess the value of your item first, and most charge a certain fee for posting an item. As much as possible, choose the one that gives you the most profitable return. Avoid those sites with very expensive fees and those with negative user reviews.

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