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The Turing Smartphone


17 Sep The Turing Smartphone

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Benedict Cumberbatch got nominated for an Oscar for his portrayal of Alan Mathison Turing in the movie “The Imitation Game”, which received plenty of other award nominations and wins, as well as won the Oscar for Best Writing, Adapted Screenplay. Nevertheless, the world finally heard the story of the shy British genius, who was a pioneer in computer sciences, but also in lots of other associated sciences, such as mathematics and logistics. The father of the artificial intelligence concept and one of the originators of computer sciences is finally viable enough to be considered a marketable entity. It resulted in, how else – besides a movie – in the production of a new line of smartphones.

A company named Turing Robotic Industries has announced the release of a new kind of smartphone, one that can withstand everything, from impact to hacking, labelled with a name that up until the said movie was released, meant nothing to the common man. Turing was a genius, but the British decided that him, having been a homosexual, did not deserve to be lauded for all his acts of bravery and innovation, but rather be shunned and drawn to suicide. Fifty years later, he was pardoned and some bloke is making a smartphone bearing his name – what a vindication.

The Turing Phone is everything the real Turing was not, boastful, sturdy, fancy, rough. The casing is made out of a completely new metallic compound called Liquidmorphium. It is neither liquid, nor morphium (morphine). Apparently it combines silver, nickel, copper, aluminium and zirconium in order to create an alloy stronger than titanium or steel. The platform includes a proprietary Turing Imitation Key Chipset Krypto, supposedly for security purposes. Added to the whole package is also a Turing Imitation Key USB Key Krypto TIK8215 with 8 GB storage, probably as an unlocking device, information thereto are pretty vague and scarce. It comes also with a Turing Gaming Bluetooth Earphone, which is nice, but announces a pricing range that will shame even Apple.

Inside is the latest Android OS, version 5.1 Lollipop, with the proprietary Turing Aemaeth user interface, which needs to be tested, before it is deemed bloatware. There is also a fingerprint scanner, but no retina scanner or DNA verification device. The 5.5 inch Full HD display manages a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels at an approximate pixel density of 400 ppi. The integrated SoC is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, the quad-core CPU is clocked at 2.5 GHz and features the Adreno 330 GPU. EMMC can be chosen between 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB variants, the RAM is 3 GB DDR3 RAM.


There are also other bells and whistles, plenty of proprietary Turing security features, including a separate one for wireless access. There are also two cameras, the primary is a 13 MP HDR dual flash camera, the secondary 8 MP. There are also temperature and humidity sensors on board, as are proximity, and compass sensors, besides the ubiquitous sensors such as the accelerometer and gyroscope. The integrated battery is a non-removable Li-Ion battery, 3000 mAh. The device has been made water proof by the proprietary Binnacle Ocean Master technology, IPx8.

Being that this is a Turing smartphone, you cannot just simply walk into Mordor and purchase one, you have to register in order to buy one. The registration period was over before the site was up, but you can sign on to their mail newsletter in order to get on a list. If there is a Turing phone available for you at a later date, you will be notified. This is one of the extremely exclusive schemes, where you had to know there is a phone before it was even made yet. At least OnePlus had some kind of an idea how to market the phone, this is beyond ridiculous. Maybe they are making the phone by hand and can just make one monthly. Maybe it is actually a HTC One M9 inside, they just encase it with liquid metal, directly syphoned off the Terminator T-1000. Since that these are quite rare, hence also the limited availability.

Be it as may, it is undoubtedly interesting that someone managed to scavenger the rights to the Turing name, very probably someone related to the motion picture, where the rights were obtained and very probably included some kind of merchandising deal that just went overboard with this one. The cheapest version of the Turing phone is around 450 quid, which is most definitely not worth it, unless you work for the NSA and they pay for it. This phone seems nice, it is exclusive, it does have interesting specs, but the price range is way beyond unrealistic, you can get similar specs for seriously less money, particularly if you can get one from your service carrier. It would only be viable if you would get an evening with Benedict Cumberbatch with every purchase.

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