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The New Smartphone Behemoth Rises


21 Apr The New Smartphone Behemoth Rises

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Did you ever hear the brand name Xiaomi? Did you just say “Gesundheit”? No, it is the name of the most interesting new smartphone manufacturer from China, a former underdog and upstart that is starting to make a huge name within the local market. Right now, Xiaomi is selling more phones within China than Apple and Samsung in the United States combined. You would say that a local company within a communist regime controlled marketplace has an easy play, much more so, because they can infringe on patent rights as much as they please and get away with it and you would be right. This is the reason why there are no Xiaomi phones in the US or in the EU or the rest of Europe.

Xiaomi knows this and targets Africa and India next. While being number one in the first world environment does count for something, most of the world’s population lives elsewhere. These people want their smartphones to be powerful, but cannot pay the same as people in the UK can. Xiaomi know this and uses the locally tested means of public relation and advertising to further their cause all over the world, but not in places where legal trouble may loom.


As an example, here is the latest phone by Xiaomi, the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro, seemingly the top of the line phone. It has the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset with the dual quad-core CPU and Adreno 430 GPU, 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB internal memory, the latest Android OS, version 5.0.1 Lollipop, an IPS LCD touchscreen at 5.7 inches with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels at around 515 ppi density, a 13 MP back camera capable of recording 4k video at 1080p and 30 fps. All the specs denote a top of the line phone, with ultimate parts and apparently high quality manufacturing.

You might say this is a top of the line phone, but without a chance to actually test the phone, there is no way telling how much of the hype is truly warranted. If additional rumours are true, where this phone will also feature flagship pricing, then the best Xiaomi feature and the only reason why anyone would prefer Xiaomi to Apple, HTC and Samsung products, not to mention Sony, LG, etc., is gone. Once the Mi Note Pro – yes, the name will be a legal problem as well – is commercially available, a follow up review will convey just how much of the hype is true and what the final price amounts to.

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