Mega Mobile | The Most Important Things to Consider When Buying Your Smartphone
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The Most Important Things to Consider When Buying Your Smartphone


11 Dec The Most Important Things to Consider When Buying Your Smartphone

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Buying a cellphone has more to it than choosing a brand and a model. As a very important purchase, you need to get smarter when scouting the market for the perfect phone as your options also get smarter. With so many smartphones to choose from, you’ll probably get a headache along the way. But the process doesn’t have to be complicated if you keep the following in mind:

Set an appropriate budget

Considering the fact that cellphones are no longer luxuries but an essential part of our everyday lives, you should allot a reasonable budget for your smartphone. Think of it as an investment which will serve you on a daily basis for the next 2 or more years. In other words, don’t be a cheapskate when buying a smartphone.


Know the features you want

One of the best ways to whittle your choices to the best phones that are most suitable for your needs is to do your homework. You need to know what phone features and capabilities you want before you start shopping around. Among the key features to look into include the following:

  • Operating system – The type of operating system your phone has affects the kind of mobile phone experience you’ll end up with. When shopping for a smartphone, one of the first things to decide on is the OS. If you’re a loyal Apple user, there are no other bets but Apple iOS. If you want a more consumer and social network-centered platform, on one hand, Android is worth looking into.
  • Processor – At the heart of every phone is its CPU or otherwise known as the processor. The processor is responsible for providing the power that you phone needs to run applications and perform various tasks. If you want an excellent and fast overall phone performance, choosing the right processor is the key.
  • Screen size – With the launch of the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung’s latest offering, it seems like smartphones are becoming bigger and bigger. Not everyone, however, is attracted to phone with extra-large screens. If you’re more comfortable with tucking your phones in your pocket, choosing a smaller phone makes more sense. The right screen size basically boils down to what you want and need. Current available choices in the market include small screens (under 4 inches), medium screens (4 to 4.7 inches) and large screens (greater than 4.7 inches).
  • Camera – Contrary to popular belief, more megapixels in a phone’s camera doesn’t always mean it is better. While the number of pixels is important, you should inject the right amount of balance when considering the phone’s camera. Other specifications such as camera lens, shutter lag, autofocusing systems and more should be taken into account as well.
  • Battery life – All the great features your phone has won’t really matter much if your battery life is too short. If you’re especially travelling a lot, you need a smartphone that has a reliable battery. Typical choices in the market start from 1,700mAh up to 3,500mAh. The latest iPhone 6 Plus, for example, guarantee a battery life that will not drain out in a day no matter what you’re using your phone for. Others have experienced their batteries to last for a week or two while using the phone the way they normally would.

Above are the five important features to zero in when shopping around for a smartphone. But if you want to dig in deeper, other things to consider include 4G data, cellular networks, CDMA, retina display and LCD among other things.

Find the right plan

Once you have the most important things covered, the next step is to get the actual phone that meets your needs. You have two options at this point. You can either purchase the phone outright if you have sufficient cash or you can find the right plan from a reliable service. Typical plans will include a bundle on talk time, text and data. The monthly fee will cover the cost of the phone alongside your phone services which means that you only have to pay for the down payment in the beginning.

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