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The Future of Mobile Technology


06 Apr The Future of Mobile Technology

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Science Fiction predicted accurately the mobile phones already in Star Trek, the Original Series. The foldable communicators were already reality way before the first iPhone was released. Star Trek predicted also, albeit in The Next Generation, the tablet technology with the PADD, or Personal Access Display Device. Steve Jobs reportedly used this name to create the iPad brand of products and the rest is already history. Which technologies are to be expected in near future, particularly in relation to the mobile technology?

Universal translator

An incredible gadget also stemming from the Star Trek universe, but also utilized through the C3PO protocol droid in the Star Wars technology, is no more a Science Fiction incarnation. Just recently, the very popular video conferencing application Skype, now a Microsoft subsidiary, introduced the Skype Translator, which is capable of translating voice even during video calls in real time. To make it clear, you talk to a person, who is not speaking English and the software is translating that immediately for you to understand and vice-versa, translating your English into whichever language your party is speaking. This feature will be available for any smartphone as well, since that there is a Skype app for every operating system there is.


4G has not been introduced properly and all over the world, the LTE variant being only the borderline 4G variant towards the hopefully soon obsolete 3G. Nevertheless, the infrastructure for 5G, or fifth generation mobile networks/wireless systems is already being established, incrementally, with a prospective full deployment expected as soon as 2020. The idea here being to provide true wide area mobility and bridge the gap towards Wi-Fi services, providing wide bandwidth radio channels, thus enabling the data access speed to achieve speeds of up to 1Gbit/s.



The cameras are moving towards DSLR sensors, with innovative exceptions such as the rotating camera of the new Nokia Lumia, or should I rather say Microsoft Lumia series. While the purchase of Nokia obliterated the once major player who once sold more mobile phones than Apple and Samsung combined, Microsoft is trying to make an impact in the marketplace, despite the rather widespread ignorance of the Windows mobile operating system.

Processing power and RAM

The trend of increasing the number of cores and processing power of chipsets and CPUs, as well as the size of the internal storage in mobile devices is continuing without limitation. It has been suggested that the next HTC One, the M9 will feature the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU with eight cores. The current 3GB of RAM for Android phones and prospective 2GB for iPhone 7 will increase, Android planning to announce true 64-bit architecture with the introduction of 4GB RAM as soon as Samsung Galaxy Note 4, if the competition does not act faster.

Slowing down

The dominance race and the perpetual releases of new devices should slow down at least a bit, since the demand for new and improved phones in no way reflect the overwhelming supply of new devices being released almost every week. People in the Western world tend to purchase quality phones and keep them for a while. The booming economies have a rising need for mid-level high quality devices, while everywhere in the world the so-called “burner” phones, or quality low-priced smartphones and mobile phones gain popularity with every mention in a TV series. Nevertheless at some point the market will be saturated to a point where a perceivable decline in sales will be notable and continual. At such point the pricing policies will stumble, aided by the high quality devices made available at reduced prices by upstart manufacturers. The future price decline of top level devices is inevitable.

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