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The Downsides of Technology


12 Nov The Downsides of Technology

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Nowadays, big companies are striving and competing with one another to come up with the best technological products that we could ever encounter. While the chase for greatness will never be over, here we are getting carried away with all the newness of things that we tend to forget some values and traditions that we used to have. Here are some of the biggest disadvantages that technology has brought to mankind.

Technology Can Ruin Relationships

How many couples have split after discovering that their partners are cheating with someone else by prying on their devices? How many friendships have been ruined by accidentally sending a text message to the wrong recipient? While technology alone isn’t to blame, it does provide an easier portal for cheaters and back fighters to do their thing.

Technology Sucks at Teaching Children How to Interact

How many kids today are we seeing playing hide and seek, hopscotch, or scrabble together? One of the biggest downsides of technology is replacing the traditional ways our children play games and interact with one another. Most kids nowadays prefer to stay at home playing games on their consoles or tablets, rather than play with other kids. While there could be a lot of educational apps available, there are still a lot of values lost that technology can never compensate for.


Technology Can Strips Off the Sentimental Value in Things

While men may still send gifts and flowers to women these days, technology has mostly stripped us of old, romantic gestures, such as sending love letters. Instead of making one, some just send virtual cards. Not to mention that a computer virus can delete everything and so we don’t have anything to keep in our treasure boxes at all. Some don’t even bother to call or see their partners anymore, but rather only keep in touch through texts and other messaging apps. Worse, some men just court the ladies through texts and emails! Seriously, where’s the effort in that?

All Products of Technology Depreciate in Value

Technology rarely comes as a good investment. You spend a lot of money outright for a certain device that will lose half of its value in just a few months, and there you go chasing for a new one to spend your hard-earned cash on again. The only times you may consider technology as a form of investment is when it helps you earn money and makes your job a lot easier, but still…

So there you go folks. Technology has indeed helped us in a lot of ways we never thought were possible, but it has a lot of downsides that we often neglect. There’s nothing wrong with keeping up-to-date with what’s new, but we should never forget what we once had before everything else changed.

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