Mega Mobile | The Beauty of a Flat Rate
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The Beauty of a Flat Rate


13 May The Beauty of a Flat Rate

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The first mobile phone system was really bad. You had a certain amount of minutes, whereby the minutes were counted at your provider’s discretion, and after you used up these minutes, and you always used up all your minutes, all additional minutes were horrendously expensive. SMS counted more than a phone call, there were no MMS messages yet and iPhone was still a dream in Steve Jobs mind. There were only a few mobile phone manufacturing companies, there was no Android yet and Samsung was making car phones.

The internet providers started it first, the deal with a flat rate. As soon as broadband was introduced, flat rates started popping up left and right and then some mobile phone service providing companies started to struggle with a flat rate combination that did not cost too much, but was still attractive to the user. The whole thing broke, once it was published that SMS and MMS were actually piggy-back signals on the cellular towers and did not cost the company a single dime, no matter if you made 2000 SMS or one, it cost the company the same – still does – zero.

So what is a flat rate, you ask? Unlimited calls, unlimited SMS and sometimes also unlimited internet traffic, but there are still limitations in place, in terms of net. While in the UK and in the most of EU all internet access over the mobile phone network is limited, some providers, and many providers on the Balkans, offer unlimited net, whereby the speeds are being throttled, after a certain amount of GB has been reached. There are also true flat rates, where everything is unlimited, but these are generally the priciest.


If you are trying to get a mobile phone service providing contract, you might want to look into your expected usage, before you chose your plan. Be generous with the internet, because all MMS messages are counted as internet traffic, furthermore, you need to be available on the net, and check Reddit and Instagram and Twitter and Facebook and whatnot. Even if you have bad credit, there are still companies, like on this site, where you can obtain a phone contract with a major provider.

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