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The Apple Watch


08 May The Apple Watch

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Do you earn too much money and have no idea what to do with all the cash? Here is the latest Apple product you can waste your money on. Almost two years after the competitor Samsung released its first smartwatch, Apple managed to finally produce a competing model and act as if they invented the wheel once again. While Samsung already moved on and is dabbling in virtual reality devices, Apple struggles to explain why you should part with three hundred and some change quid in order to purchase an iPhone extension to your wrist, which is next to useless without an iPhone and is incompatible with any and all other devices any other manufacturer is making. You should also know that this is the cheapest version you can buy. There is an 18-carat gold case version, called Watch Edition, and it costs around ten thousand quid. No, it is still not a Rolex.

Just to explain, Android Wear is compatible with any Android phone. Samsung Gear is for Samsung devices, but there are countless Android Wear smartwatches, including some Samsung watches, which are cross-manufacturer compatible. The Apple Watch works only with an iPhone, currently iPhone 5 or later, if you own an iPhone 4S, you are out of luck.

There are limitations as to what this device can do, even with a connected – per Wi-Fi or Bluetooth – iPhone. The first thing you learn, is that you can use Apple Pay with it. It has 8 GB of storage, yet there is a whole instance of Siri installed, so you can argue with your wrist what you want it to do. The display is high resolution Retina AMOLED (read Samsung made) screen, multi-touch and force touch capable.


As with all smartwatches, the Apple Watch provides also the heart rate monitor, allowing you to use the watch as your personal health and fitness assistant. There is a native maps application on the Watch, if you get lost you can very probably just give up, because it is not the functional Google Maps, but Apple’s own useless map app. Good luck asking Siri to find where you currently are.

Despite what many paid reviewers have stated, the Apple Watch is nothing new and is inferior to most of the competition, mainly because the others were here first and also because the other manufacturers had the chance to iron out all the initial release problems. Samsung, for instance, is preparing its fourth series. Apple’s first series is about to come out and the response from reliable, non-paid users is still yet to come.

If you are still interested in picking up a smartwatch by Apple, then you will have to wait, the initial release is sold out. The second coming – pun intended – is slated for the middle of June. If you are not already on the list, it is very probable that you will miss out on that series as well. If you already own an iPhone and would like an overpriced smartwatch as an additional gadget, then there is nothing better than this Apple Watch. If you are on Android, then there was no point in reading this article anyway.

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