Mega Mobile | So You Want a New Phone, but Your Credit Is Bad
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So You Want a New Phone, but Your Credit Is Bad


31 Mar So You Want a New Phone, but Your Credit Is Bad

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If all of us would simply comply with our income capabilities and succumb to the extent of what we can accomplish with that meagre shekel, we probably would also abandon all necessity for a loan. Yet, there is not a single person on this planet, the Dalai Lama included, which does not use at least a credit card. Loans are everywhere, they are so interwoven within our daily lives, we do not even consider them loans. Do you consider your credit card purchase as a loan? Probably not, but that is exactly what it is. Invariably such a life, which is based around loans, must at some point lead to inconsistencies in repayments, thus many end up with a bad credit, without really meaning to.

Peer pressure

Nowadays you cannot really function properly without being available per mobile phone. Much worse, without an internet presence you are considered non-existent. Smartphones are nowadays all but forced up on all of us, unless you are fine with being “out of touch” and “retro”. Everybody who is somebody has at least one mobile phone, most likely a smartphone. This sets the premise that if you do not have a smartphone, you are a nobody. Not having a mobile phone is almost considered rude in the modern world, countries where the population does not have the public covered with cellular service and where people are not predominantly using mobile phones is viewed at least as “a third world” country.


Phones for the masses

Ever since Star Trek geniuses invented the communicator, people wanted to have such a device. With modern technology making such a thing not only possible, but omnipresent, there is not a single person on this Earth, there are notable and incredibly sad and horrifying exceptions in Third World countries, that at least does not wish to have a mobile phone. Since that a successful businessperson needs a mobile phone, the connectivity and the versatility such a device provides, even people with bad credit arguably have to have a mobile phone. Luckily not only do manufacturers make a smartphone for every budget, there is also companies now that provide phones and service to every person that needs such a thing, despite the bad credit.

Restarting the engine

Such a phone contract can not only provide a person with bad credit to the very means that will allow him or her to improve socially and in business circles, but also deliver the opportunity for creating a more positive credit history. All such a person needs to do in future is keep the monthly payments for the service and the process is set in motion.

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