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Smartphone Society


09 Sep Smartphone Society

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This year alone, worldwide shipments of smartphones will easily overcome the one billion mark. Currently, every third person on this planet owns or has access to a smartphone. These numbers are much larger in developed and developing countries, whereby, for instance, in Korea every person owns at least two smartphones. Actually, current numbers estimate that there are over 7 billion mobile phone subscribers worldwide, which is a staggering number. Yes, plenty of people have more than one number to their name, but still, this means that global penetration is approaching saturation status.

We are a world of globally interconnected smartphone societies and a smartphone is nowadays deemed a necessity, just like the landline used to be. People who do not own a mobile phone are at a disadvantage, some even argue that they are being denied the basic human right of communication. In business terms, people without a mobile phone and increasingly those who do not own a smartphone, have less chances of finding a good job, than people with such a device. Therefore currently there are companies who provide access to smartphones even to the people who have been denied such service, because of bad credit.


Many prime providers of cellular service are currently allowing middlemen and brokers to facilitate service and units to people with less than stellar credit ratings, whereby available set-ups widely vary depending on the broker and the major provider selected. Some of the major service providers have even instructed their agents to loosen up their standards, when deciding if service is to be provided for a certain range of customers. The goal is simple: a smartphone in every household. The final outcome will be that the common landline will be replaced by VoIP and mobile telephony. Alexander Graham Bell could not have foreseen that his invention of a telephone would last for only one century – on the other hand, Nikola Tesla did foresee exactly that.


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