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Smartphone – a Necessity or Luxury


17 Jun Smartphone – a Necessity or Luxury

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Technology is changing the world, there is no denying it. Just mere 30 years ago people predominantly used mail, regular mail, to correspond and most of the official correspondence had to be on paper. Mere forty years ago, there was no cable television, people had either an aerial antenna or the much, much richer people had the newly introduced satellite television dish. Less than a hundred years ago television got invented. In the mentioned eighties of the twentieth century personal computing started to be a thing, ten years later the Internet and the World Wide Web became huge. Somewhere around that time, developed from the idea of a car phone, mobile telephony blossomed.

Nowadays people abandon landlines, because they either have a line through their cable provider or use a wireless mobile network provider to access telecommunications. Mobile telephony as car radio telephone service got introduced in the UK sometime in 1958 and has developed into the cellular system that it is now. In 2014 it was estimated that over 4 billion people all over the world use a mobile phone. It means that the majority of humans over the world, or rather, more than every second human, have a mobile phone.


If something is that widely distributed, almost wider than fixed telephony with landlines, then it is not possible or logical to consider such a thing luxury, but it rather seems to have become a part of our everyday life. Having a phone, or rather, having means to telecommunicate with other people has long been considered a necessity. In the changing world, where mobile phones are de facto replacing landlines and people have their mobile phones with them at all times, it seems that a mobile phone is definitely to be considered a necessity.

A smartphone, however, goes beyond a simple mobile phone, providing not only communication technology, allowing people to make phone calls and send messages, but connecting them to the internet, and plenty more. While right now a smartphone, due to the affordable pricing ranges provided by nearly all manufacturers, cost just as much as a regular old-school mobile phone, the verdict that a smartphone is to be considered equal with the term mobile phone is yet to be made. Nevertheless, due to the previously established fact, that a mobile communication device is in fact a necessity, it may be construed that simple smartphone may be considered also a necessity and thus, every human being should have one, or has the right to possess one, including basic service.

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