Mega Mobile | Should You or Should You Not Buy the New iPhone 6?
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Should You or Should You Not Buy the New iPhone 6?


03 Nov Should You or Should You Not Buy the New iPhone 6?

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Okay great. Before the release of 2013’s two new iPhones, the only question bugging many mobile users’ minds was whether to buy an iPhone. But since the introduction of iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, we now have two iPhones to worry about every year, like one isn’t enough! Now though, to the delight of those iPhone fanatics who long for bigger screens, this year’s iPhone comes with the phablet version- the iPhone 6 Plus. But is it worth shelling out a whopping £539 and £619 for the iPhones 6 and 6 Plus, respectively?

To answer that question, we definitely want to know first what’s new with the most talked about iPhone.

Of course, there goes the new iOS 8 which is a refined version of the quite immature iOS 7. Definitely, a lot of issues from last year were addressed, and this year’s tweaks are particularly impressive, although there are quite a lot of new features that haven’t been released yet in the new OS.

But what is the most intriguing feature of the iOS 8 so far is the Apple Pay, where mobile users are allowed to use their iPhone 6’s to make online and in-store purchases conveniently. The tap-and-pay system is powered by NFC, allowing iPhone 6 owners to make payments without even waking the phone up.


Now enough of the new, let’s talk about the old. While the 6 Plus is a larger 5.5-inch screen, the iPhone 6 packs almost the same screen dimensions as its predecessor, at 4.7 inches. Regardless, the new iPhones offer a much better resolution.

There’s also the old 8-megapixel camera, which uses what iPhone dubs as “focus pixels”. The new sensor is incredibly fast, with crisper details and higher resolutions.

The Bottom Line
There could be a lot of factors to consider before buying the new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, but we can sum it up into two camps- whether you are a previous iPhone owner or a new iPhone prospective buyer. iPhone loyalists who have been hoping for a much bigger screen may be pleased with the 6 Plus. Furthermore, if your iPhone is a 5 or older, this could be a worthy upgrade from your provider, which might offer you the new iPhone for a friendlier cost. However, if you own the 5s, might as well wait for another year before upgrading, as there isn’t much anything new to find, so to say.

On the other hand, for those coming from Android, Windows, or Blackberry phones, you’ll definitely find everything new in the iPhone 6.

However, if you were accustomed to large phone screens, you may find the iPhone 6 lacking, and might as well choose the iPhone 6 Plus instead.
While there is nothing grand, groundbreaking, or life-changing with the new iPhone, it’s still unquestionably one of the most gorgeous and equipped phones in the planet.

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