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Screen Protectors for Phone Protection


21 Feb Screen Protectors for Phone Protection

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When you receive your brand new smart phone; all you can think about is how long you would love to hold on to it while it still looks new. You want to keep it away from any sort of scratches especially on the screen that comes from coins and keys. There is a way to protect your phone’s screen from the minute that it comes out of its box. This is through use of the screen protector. The good news is that screen protectors not only work for phones but also for tablets, laptops, or digital cameras.

Types of screen protectors available

  1. Standard screen protectors

These are also called the crystal clear screen protectors. These protectors are usually transparent and very invisible. The reason as to this is in making the screen of the phone as clear as possible. They are usually very thin and smooth. They are also shinny thus letting your fingers slide over them with ease. Their only problem comes when you want to use your phone in direct sunlight as they do not reduce glare.

  1. Anti Glare Screen protectors

These are also referred to as the AG screen protectors. These protectors have been designed to protect the eyes from bright light by diffusing it. They do not reflect that light back into one’s eyes. You can easily view your screen in direct sunlight. They also reduce visibility of smudges and fingerprints thus increasing clarity. The only low of these is that the clarity of the screen may appear reduced due to the fuzzy finish and they are not as smooth to let your finger glide with ease.


  1. Privacy screen protectors

Privacy screen protector is designed to reveal the content of the screen when it is viewed straight on. If the phone is tilted or held at an angle, the content becomes hidden. This design of screen protector is built to keep your content from the sight of prying people at your side or back. One trying to check your details over your shoulder will not be in a position to view what you can see. These screen protectors offer the form of privacy that individuals working while on the move need. You can read your work emails or check your financial statements online in a bus without worrying about the person seated next to you.

  1. Mirror screen protectors

Mirror screen protectors have the ability to turn your phone into a mirror when it is dimmed out. This screen protector is however known to dull the appearance of colors on your screen. This makes it not the best alternative for those who want to use their phones in watching movies. They are also known to cause a bit of a glare. The best use of this protector is for those who want to use their phone as a mirror to have a quick check on their hair or makeup.

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