Mega Mobile | Ridiculous Things That Happened to the World Because of Selfies
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Ridiculous Things That Happened to the World Because of Selfies


26 Nov Ridiculous Things That Happened to the World Because of Selfies

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Oh selfies. You see them anywhere. Friends updating their statuses every five minutes with outfit of the day, photo of the day, etc. Selfies tend to become a normal part of one’s social media activity, sometimes even a part of one’s life as a whole.

However, too much selfie can kill you (certainly no joke about that). Here are some of the highlights about the most unbelievable, but real events that happened and shook the world recently due to selfies.

  1. People Dying While Taking Selfies

One of the most talked-about news recently was about a Polish girl who died while on a tour. The 23 year-old girl, whose name was Sylwia Rajchel, was having the time of her life in Spain, her dream country of destination. Unfortunately for Sylwia, she fell off a bridge while attempting to take the perfect selfie in the southern city of Seville.

In the Philippines, a group of friends were taking a selfie near a beach. The supposedly fun event ended in tragedy when one of them drowned.

  1. People Getting Arrested Because of Selfies

In New York, a 16 year-old by the name of Justin Casquejo managed to get past the security of World Trade Center to take the ultimate selfie at the top of the building. The boy, who was known as a daredevil, got caught by posting his photos on Instagram. The teenager was arrested and was charged with misdemeanour criminal trespass.

Still in the US, an Illinois woman was caught and imprisoned after taking a selfie wearing stolen clothes. 27-year old Danielle Saxton was charged with retail theft. Then another man in Milan was arrested for theft after taking a selfie with a stolen iPad.

There are many more incidents of selfie arrests that happened, no matter how much ridiculous you think they are. Couples trespassing to get a closer look (and feel) of molten lava, a young guy posting selfie with a gun, a British man taking selfie after committing burglary, and so much more.

  1. Policeman Failing to Rescue a Suicide Victim Because of Selfie

In Turkey, a man was prepared to jump off a bridge and take his own life. One of the officers who were just a feet away was witnessed posing for a selfie, which was caught in the scene of the suicide. While a suicide is certainly not something new, it’s just sad to see how heartless the world can become during times like this. This photo of the heartless officer sparked anger among netizens, and many believe that his insensitivity could have been the reason that the victim became decided in taking his life.

  1. Man Jumping Off a Mall After Seeing Girlfriend in Person

A Filipino guy by the name of Mark Anthony Perez reportedly jumped 6 floors in a mall after seeing girlfriend in person. The couple had been in long distance relationship for four months, but Mark was disappointed to see the real appearance of his virtual girlfriend, who apparently Camera 360’d her selfies.

For some, these news may spark a mix of emotions- humour, anger, disbelief. However, they should raise awareness and concern about what’s really happening to the world right now. Criminal acts like theft and trespassing are bad enough, but being proud of them? It just shows how this world has terribly changed. So to all of you who are reading this, please check on yourself and your loved ones as well, because technology can do a pretty great deal of damage to those who get obsessed with material things.


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