Mega Mobile | Preparing Your Old Car for Sale
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Preparing Your Old Car for Sale


25 Nov Preparing Your Old Car for Sale

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With a few minor adjustments and details to your car, you will earn more money than expected if you put it up for sale. Go through our proven and tested ways of turning your old car into something surprisingly wonderful that could grab the customer’s attention.

Maximize Your Car’s Value

Your goal in selling your car is to increase its worth, regardless if you choose to sell it exclusively, through a dealer or an auction. In order for you to really reach this objective without failure, you must put all your effort in making your car look very appealing and fascinating to the observers and to possible customers, and checking to see that there are less imperfection which might pull down the price.

If you give your best in designing your car, you would, without a doubt, awe your buyers that they will be willing to pay for any price for that car of yours. This is what a seller must to do to attain his objective:

Clean Your Car

  • Your car should be thoroughly cleaned both the interior and exterior parts —Selling a clean car can give the buyers the impression that the car has been well cared for. If it took you three hours to deep clean the car, a £100 add-on will be placed on top on the value that it’s like you are paying yourself a £33 per hour for the cleaning
  • If you don’t have ample time to do the deep cleaning, you can contact a full car valet service to do it for you
  • Add an air freshener to your car to have that expensive feeling to your car, making it look more dashing

Check the Car Essentials

  • The oil, coolant and the brake fluid must be checked that they are in their normal levels
  • See to it that the tires are well inflated so that there won’t be any problems when the winning buyer decides to take it for a spin
  • Try to check if the lights are working like the backing lights, head lights, signal lights, and brake lights
  • Don’t miss to put a spare tire in the car and the legal tread depth should be at its least of 1.6mm in width. Use a 20p coin to accurately measure it

Check on Any Minor Repairs that Could Make a Big Difference

  • Repair all the chips and cracks of your car and it’s up to you if you do it yourself or you let an authorized car repairer do it
  • The alloy wheels should also be repaired if they are damaged
  • Change the old car mats with a new and affordable one with a design that would match the interior of your car
  • Your car insurance will deal with the payments if you wish to repair tiny chips on your windscreen without affecting your no-claims discount

Adding Extra Value

  • It surely is one of the things that buyers would most likely think of buying your car if there are still a lot of months left on your tax disc
  • If you have kept some of your old receipts from your previous car repairs, you compile them in case you would need to show to your potential buyers how well you have cared for your car because such history will then tell them that you have managed your car well enough for the next driver to enjoy its use.


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