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Picking the Right Phone


23 Mar Picking the Right Phone

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People who give serious thinking to the decision which phone to pick are not out to purchase a button-only phone. No, these people are in the market for a smartphone. Less than eight years ago Apple revolutionised the mobile phone industry by releasing the first iPhone. It was not the first smartphone, but it was the moment where the mobile phone industry suddenly exploded into the behemoth it is today. Nowadays it is almost impossible to get a unbiased opinion on which phone is “the best” or best value for money. Dozens of new phones claim to be the latest technology, the fastest phone, the phone with the most features and whatnot. How do you, a regular consumer, preferably not indoctrinated by PR slogans and phrases, how do you pick the right phone, the best deal, the smartest purchase?

Pick a brand first

People do not really choose their phone by the operating system it contains, despite the companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft trying to convince you otherwise. People pick Apple, not because iOS may be better than Android, but because they like the iPhone design. People pick Samsung not because Android is the superior operating system, but because the display is larger, looks better, works faster or the stylus pen of the Note 4 is really awesome. People do not pick HTC One because it was the phone of the year for two years in a row, but because it looks incredible, it is lightning fast and has the best speaker sound ever noted on a smartphone. See, all phone brands come with certain characteristics. You need to find out which characteristics suit your preferences the most.


The iPhone truly likes to say they have done everything first, but it mostly is not true. Nevertheless, the incredible design and the fact that the iPhone started the smartphone boom count for something. If you use any other kind of Apple devices, like a laptop, iPod or iPad, you may want to check out the iPhone. Despite clearly being inferior according to the specifications, the iPhone manages to be a pretty decent device, albeit slightly overpriced. While their latest device, the iPhone 6, is their best yet, you may want to wait and see what the upcoming iPhone 7 will bring to the table. If you are reluctant to shell out serious money for the newest model, the iPhone 5S is the last “true” iPhone, the way Steve Jobs envisioned it. Frankly speaking, the iPhone 6 is not really that much better than the iPhone 5S, just has a larger screen.

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Samsung provides the most popular Android phones series, but also provides a smartphone that fits every budget. The sheer multitude of phones you can choose from is overwhelming and if you would like a Samsung phone, then decide between the screen size and the price. The Note series is awesome, but ever since Note 3 was released, there is not much improvement perceivable. Perhaps instead of purchasing an inferior phone, rather opt for the older Galaxy Note 3, which is one of the best smartphones ever. Same thing is with the Galaxy S series, where since the S3 the improvement is barely visible. The latest S6 comes with the Edge version, which may seem cool, but costs way too much to warrant the novelty expense. Picking the Galaxy S4 instead still gives you a world-class phone for the price of a mid-range device.


Now HTC is making truly remarkable phones nowadays, their HTC One series is perhaps the best and best looking smartphone series available today. Unfortunately, as much as the HTC One (M7) was revolutionary, the HTC One (M8), the follow up model, was providing nothing new. The announced HTC One (M9) seems to follow similar paths. The original HTC One (M7) is still an incredible phone. There is barely anything better available on the market today, it was the smartphone of the year and is now available at a laughably low price. Probably the best deal right now.

Google Nexus

Every now and then Google issues a Nexus phone through a surrogate manufacturer. These phones feature pristine Android directly from the operating system owner, Google, specifications that rival top of the line products and a price that is in the mid-mid-range. Unfortunately, most of the Nexus phones lack the uniqueness, a character gimmick that would set them apart from the crowd. Some of the best ever phones, spec and price wise, were from the Nexus line, but their popularity never surpassed the average. Maybe with the Motorola Google Nexus 6 it all will change.


LG exploded with the LG G2 phone, while at the same time providing the Google Nexus 5. Unfortunately, they were unable to hold on to the upwind. LG G2 is still a good device, it also still can be found here and there, worth a look at that price.


The Japanese electronics giant, despite providing incredibly versatile and usable range of smartphones never managed to gain any significant popularity. Their Xperia Z series barely leaves any wishes open, their phones were the first ones to deliver dust and water-proof phones, their design is truly original and does remind of BRAVIA TV sets, their display quality and cameras are legendary, there is a Sony camera in the iPhone, if you did not know and they are stable and sturdy. Why nobody wants them is beyond anybody’s guess. Perhaps, just like with the Google Nexus phones, there is no particular gimmick, no distinctive enough trait, which would set them apart from the crowd.

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