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OnePlus One


27 Apr OnePlus One

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Imagine you own a top of the line production facility for smartphones; furthermore, you produce great smartphones that rival any major manufacturer all over the world; you also provide your smartphones with a capability to flash the device with CyanogenMod Android, the uber-popular modified Android operating system, all the while keeping the full warranty; imagine also that your proprietary designs and patents do not infringe with any device out there; and imagine that you are a privately owned company in China, a member in a group of companies that will never have to face a lack of funding. You are the founder of Oppo Electronics, Tony Chen, whereby Oppo is a subsidiary of BBK Electronics Corporation, and you just found out that tackling the worldwide market will be tougher than just manufacturing great devices.

Plan B is actually OnePlus

Take the VP and create a wholly new subsidiary, named OnePlus. Think of a silly, yet really catchy campaign how people can purchase your “exclusive” phone and sell it only to “selected” people. Keep the price ridiculously low for the specs you offer and suddenly everybody is talking about you. Sounds simple? Well, it was not. The first idea called “Smash the Past” backfired, because OnePlus asked people per YouTube to destroy their old phone in order to be eligible to participate in the campaign, where winners would have the chance to purchase the smartphone for $1. People started destroying their phones even before the campaign started. It ended with hundred and forty thousand participants, where only a 100 got their phone for a buck.



The virtual world does come first, apparently, because the first smartphone ever produced by OnePlus, the OnePlus One – catchy, right? – was made available in April 2014 through their own website, yet only if you had an invitation. You could win an invitation, if you were one of the 140 000 guys who destroyed their phones, but did not win the 1 buck phone. Needless to say that the whole series got snatched away in a heartbeat, so as of April 2015, you can buy the phone through the website without any limitation. As of now, the OnePlus One sold over five hundred thousand units, a number obtained before the phone was made available for sale in Europe.


It comes as no surprise that the phone is a flagship device, yet it is sold at prices of £299 for the 16 GB and £349 for the 64 GB storage versions. Inside is the same quad-core processor SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 that is found in the HTC One M8, or Samsung Galaxy S5; then 3 GB of RAM and a 5.5 inch JDI 1080p Full HD LCD display screen at 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution with 401 ppi round up the most important points. There is a 13 Megapixel Sony Exmor IMX 214 sensor with 6 lenses and Dual-LED camera, the “selfie” camera features 5 Megapixel distortion free nuisance photo shooting everywhere you may go.


Since that OnePlus is now delivering top of the line phones for half the price almost all over the world and the next flagship killer is ready to go, the OnePlus Two – who would have thought? – seems to indicate that the OnePlus company is doing this one exactly right. Delivering the best at unbeatable price, moreover, using the Internet to spread, with CyanogenMod as OS, without any bloatware, this is a product that sells itself. Hopefully the good word of mouth and the quirky campaign efforts will contribute to the increasing popularity of this upstart company, the success seems here thoroughly deserved.

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