Mega Mobile | OnePlus 2 – First Look
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OnePlus 2 – First Look


22 May OnePlus 2 – First Look

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Are you ready to purchase a 5.5 inches large flagship phone with the specs of the best available smartphone on the market for just 300 quid? This is not a test, this is not a joke, the OnePlus Two is coming and the proposed specs are incredible. The company OnePlus is establishing distribution within the EU, including UK, as you read this and as soon as all is set into place, the official announcement of the OnePlus 2 should hit the internet and beyond. For a company that does not spend money on PR, there are tons of rumours running around everywhere, but here you can find the latest scoop on the future flagship killer exclusively.

The biggest surprise might be that there will be either a shift towards the Oxygen OS or at least Oxygen OS being in featured in devices shipped to Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Myanmar and Nepal, where Micromax, a smartphone manufacturer based in India, seems to have the exclusive rights to market CyanogenMod Android phones. While there is still a chance that an amicable conclusion might prevent this shift, a step towards Oxygen OS would be a setback for OnePlus. Oxygen OS is apparently going to be a proprietary Android mod for the OnePlus phones and not feature any bloatware.

As for the expected specs, it is rumoured that the OnePlus Two will feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chip and 64-bit architecture, all with the necessary 4 GB of RAM. The display screen is supposed to be a QHD screen and apparently with a non-removable battery, but still with a microSD slot. It will also feature at least a back 16 MP camera and a 5 MP in the front, with 32 GB of internal storage. The expected release is slated for June, whereby the initial run will also require an invite.

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