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Nokia N1 Tablet


30 May Nokia N1 Tablet

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When Nokia got sold to Microsoft, or rather its mobile phone division, everybody was aghast that such a great manufacturer would cease to exist. Quite to the contrary, Nokia has a strong intention to keep the brand name present and still adhere to the stipulations of the contract they signed with Microsoft, which are no feature phones for 10 years after deal was closed and no smartphones until the end of 2015. While this left hope for a new Nokia smartphone in 2016, many were concerned, because there was all very quiet in Espoo, Finland. Actually extremely quiet, until the N1 tablet was announced. The news was greeted with relief, but also with some concern, because the Nokia as it is now has no manufacturing facilities.

There was no need to worry, since that Foxconn, the manufacturing giant out of China that is responsible for producing iPhones, BlackBerrys and iPads, was contracted as the outsourced manufacturer. The expectations were incredible, the initial release would take place in China and is slated later to gradually extend to everywhere else. The first batch of devices went into the stores in China on January 7th, 2015 and got sold out within four hours.

The Nokia N1 has the Intel Atom Z3580 quad-core 64-bit Atom processor running on 2.3 GHz, inside there is also 32 GB of eMMC 5.0 storage, as well as 2 GB of LPDDR3 RAM clocking at 800 MHz. Graphics are running on a PowerVR G6430 GPU, on 533 MHz and there is also a 7.9 inch Gorilla Glass 3 IPS LED backlit touchscreen, with a 2048 x 1536 resolution, which equals approximately 324 ppi pixel density. There are also front (8MP) and back (5MP) cameras and as a novelty, a USB Type-C reversible connector, for the first time on a Tablet device.


People say that it resembles an iPad mini, yet it runs on an Android OS, the latest 5.0 Lollipop. Body is one-piece aluminium; it looks sleek and feels grippy. While there is some truth to the resemblance to the iPad mini 3, the Nokia N1 has a much better and faster processor and is clocked faster as well. Additionally, the larger RAM is noticeable too and the price is about the same what you would pay for an iPad mini 3, perhaps a tad less, only it is a Nokia and it runs Android. Well, if you would prefer an Apple product, you are not likely to be reading this article anyway.

Nokia is coming back with a bang. The Nokia N1 is not a world shattering new device, but it has all the markings of Nokia, it is a Nokia featuring Android and it is a solid, beautiful tablet for a price that is competitive. It comes without any bloatware, it is fast and runs without stuttering. It is solidly built, performs excellently and opens the door towards forthcoming new and exciting Nokia branded products, which will apparently continue to add to the beloved Nokia brand name. This tablet is a mid-level, yet incredibly interesting and exciting device. If you are looking to purchase a new tablet, you cannot miss on at least checking out the Nokia N1, you will not be sorry for having done so.

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