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Motorola Returning with a Vengeance

Product specialists display new Motorola droid phones Droid Razor M, Droid Razor HD and the Droid Razor Maxx HD during a launch event in New York

20 Jul Motorola Returning with a Vengeance

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Motorola Mobility, an American handheld devices manufacturer, was purchased from the original Motorola Inc. by Google in 2012. After two years of scavenging everything they deemed of value, Google executives decided to load off the carcass Motorola once was to Lenovo. Google kept most of the patents, most of the R&D stuff and all the people they deemed useful, everything and everybody else was sold to Lenovo in a seriously lucrative deal. While Google purchased Motorola for more than $12 billion, it got sold for almost $3 billion, whereby almost everything of value, minus the label and the facilities, was stripped.

Nevertheless, Lenovo was happy to get an entry, or rather a portal to enter into the US marketplace, allowing their newly expanded business into the smartphone market to flourish through a very much beloved brand name, but also under their own moniker. Google, not really wanting to be the bad guy in this deal, allowed and facilitated Lenovo to produce the latest Nexus 6 model under the Motorola name, which came out one month after the full scale deal was finalized. Clearly a farewell present by the Google people, since that the whole concept and production took place while Motorola was still under the Google wing, The Nexus 6 is everything you would expect from a top level smartphone.

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Just like LG did a couple of years ago with the LG G2, Motorola released at the same time also the Motorola DROID Turbo, a slightly smaller smartphone, 5.2 inches in comparison to Nexus 6 six inches, but with almost identical other specs. Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 quad core processor, 32/64 GB storage, 3 GB RAM, only the camera in the DROID Turbo was way better with 21 MP, compared to the 13 MP in the Nexus 6.

To round up the newly revived brand name, all the popular smartphones from the Motorola line have been revamped and reissued, the Moto G and the Moto E, whereby the Moto G is expected to receive a third incarnation in a couple of months, becoming one of the top level mid-priced phones, also with the aforementioned Snapdragon chipset, albeit the 610 version, 8/16 GB of  on-board storage, microSD card slot, 2 GB of RAM, same camera as in the Nexus 6, the 13 MP one, with approximately the same display quality at 5 inches flat and a great 3000 mAh Li-Po battery.

Lenovo is definitely trying to do the right thing with Motorola. All the most popular phones brought back with up-to-date specifications, the new Nexus 6 phone that sets new standards, the plan to continue shipping popular phones featuring affordable prices, yet very competitive hardware, high quality displays and everything else that made Motorola big in the past, but better, more and much, much more competitive than before. Yes, Motorola is definitely back and stirring up the smartphone marketplace in a big way.

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