Mega Mobile | Mobile Safety and Security Measures You Should Observe At All Times
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Mobile Safety and Security Measures You Should Observe At All Times


14 Nov Mobile Safety and Security Measures You Should Observe At All Times

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While a mobile phone may be one of the grandest things man has ever invented, it is not as flawless or invincible as we would like it to be. Here are a few precautions that you should take while using your most favourite companion.

Don’t Use Your Phone While on the Road

If you think drunk driving is dangerous, using your phone while on the road is just as deadly. In fact, you shouldn’t do anything at all with your phone when you are driving or even crossing the street, because being on the road requires nothing less than your 100% attention.

Keep Your Phone Password Protected

Your phone is a valuable storage of information. You might have even forgotten how much confidential data has been stored in it which can be easily accessed by the wrong hands if you fail to fulfil the simple task of protecting it with a password. Make sure you choose one that is difficult to guess and never share it with anyone.

Do Not Use Your Phone to Complete Private Transactions

Even though you can do mostly anything with your phone these days, it doesn’t mean that you have to. Certain activities like online banking and confidential business transactions should be conducted using your home computer, through your home network only. Even if you’re merely fiddling with your social media accounts, avoid accessing them through a public network.

Do Not Bring Your Phone to the Bathroom

Whether you want to stream music while taking a shower or you simply want to read your feeds while in the toilet, bringing your phone in the bathroom is a habit that you should minimise or even avoid to do. An accidental slip may get your phone either soaking wet in the tub or shattered on your bathroom floorings.

Buy or Make Your Own Screen Protector

Your phone could be one of the most expensive possessions that you have, so you might as well take care of it. Buying a screen protector is just one of the simple things you can do to maintain its appearance, and it’s not that expensive. But if you’re feeling extremely stingy, you can even create your own using a few tools and a packing tape!

Avoid Selling or Throwing Old Phones

If you’ve got a phone you wanted to replace, think twice before sending it away. According to experts, your phone still contains several data even after formatting, and all it takes is someone who knows what they’re doing to get leftover information from your mobile. If it’s still useful, consider passing it down to family members or assign other uses for it, such as an mp3 player or your car’s GPS. Meanwhile, if it’s totally unusable, don’t just throw it away.


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