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Mobile Phone Habits That Are a Complete Turnoff


03 Nov Mobile Phone Habits That Are a Complete Turnoff

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You can tell much of a person’s character by the way they make use of their phones, especially with you around. Whether you are dating or in a serious relationship, these habits may tell you that your significant other may require some intervention or better yet, you have to ditch them already. Friendly reminder though, these habits could be a complete turnoff for your part as well, so make sure to avoid them.

Not Turning their Phone to Silent Mode
The least someone can do in the middle of meetings or even casual conversations is to put their phone on silent, if they can’t afford to turn it off. A nonstop call or text alert during a date= deal breaker. Etiquette plays a big role in building relationships, you know.

Making Private Conversations in Public
Private conversations should remain what they are- private. You don’t need to hear how your date rants about their complicated work or family problems. If you do need to know them, they have to share it with you in a personal conversation and not let you overhear.

Tweeting, Instagramming, Facebooking While You’re Together
To be honest, doing anything AT ALL with their phone while hanging out with you, whether it is to play games or to read their feeds, is just downright rude. But maybe you got tagged in that status update in FB right? Sorry to say, but still, that could wait until later. If they tend to prioritize their social media accounts than spending time with you, it only conveys that you don’t have their full attention, period.

Snapping Photos Too Often
If your partner is taking too many photos, like, all the time, it may be either that they are simply obsessed with photography and nature and everything, or something is fundamentally wrong with them. Unless you are mostly the subject of these photos (which can still be creepy at times), it could make you feel that your presence alone is not enough or that you are not beautiful enough for them to be that much distracted.


Making a Drunk Call/Text
Not sure about you, but most people do not find it romantic being told I love you while the other person is drunk (or do they?). Granted that “drunk text is real text”, it’s not attractive for anyone to make a love confession under the influence.

Texting/Calling Their Exes With You Around
Seriously? If there’s anything worse than a cheating partner, that is them doing it in front of your face. If it’s not a life or death situation at all, there shouldn’t be any reason for them to communicate, especially not when you’re together. Call it jerk alert?

Snooping in Your Private Messages
Whether it’s on your phone’s built-in messaging app, or on your Facebook conversations, invasion of privacy is clearly one of the no-no’s in a healthy relationship. First of all, it signals the lack of trust from your partner. Second, even if they do have a strong reason to doubt your fidelity, a sane person will talk to you face to face about it, not pry into your private messages.

Bombarding You With Messages While at Work
A clingy partner is bad enough, but when they choose your busy hours to harass you, that spells disaster. Stay away before it’s too late!
So there you go! Please keep the unattractive phone habits in check to have a meaningful and lasting relationship.

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