Mega Mobile | Microsoft Went beyond the Point of No Return
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Microsoft Went beyond the Point of No Return


13 Aug Microsoft Went beyond the Point of No Return

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Just today news was released, where Microsoft is working on a ROM, or kernel, which will make it possible for Android Smartphone users to install the new operating systems instead of Android on their phones. If you just glanced at the calendar to check if it was April 1st, rest assured it is not. Windows 10 is among us and if this rumour is true, then it just might as well be the first big step of Microsoft towards creating their own demise.

Microsoft and Xiaomi have announced that they are running tests on the Xiaomi Mi 4 device, where Android OS is replaced by the new Microsoft Mobile 10 platform. If you think that this sounds as if someone is taking out a Ferrari engine out of their supercar and is putting in a Lada Niva engine, then you would be entirely right. It is just as if someone would do genetic engineering to make all people on this world cross-eyed with big floppy ears like Dumbo, flat feet and removed sense of smell as a free bonus.

There is no sane reason why would anybody want to do such a thing. Windows 10 for desktops is ghastly, full of bugs and works as the open end spying device for the NSA. The phone version of this abomination can only be worse. Now why would anyone even consider doing this to their perfectly well functioning Android device is beyond reason. This brings us to the topic at hand – Microsoft has lost all common sense, touch with reality and has no idea what customers are actually looking for.


When in 2001 Bill Gates introduced the Tablet PC with Windows on it nobody wanted to buy it. When Surface came along much, much later, still nobody wanted to buy it. When Windows Mobile came out, people stuck with their NOKIA phones and the Symbian OS. Now Microsoft purchased NOKIA and still, everybody is hoping they release an Android phone. Nobody wants a handheld device that runs Windows, at least, nobody who is really looking for a good device. Why in heavens name would anybody purchase a Windows Mobile to PC ported system, which Windows 10 invariably looks and feels like? Furthermore, why would anyone in their right state of mind delete Android to put Windows on the device?

There is no explaining what is going on in the minds of Microsoft programmers, engineers and whoever is roaming around in Redmond. It seems that they figured nobody likes their handheld OS, so let’s just take our perfectly well functioning Windows OS and make it look, feel and work like the OS nobody wanted. Why they insist on doing this, after the Windows 8 fiasco is beyond anybody’s guess. It is the surest way towards going out of business, though. At some point they should have figured out that people like certain things in their desktop PCs and certain other things in their handheld devices. Making an attempt to force the world reconsider and abandon both of these preferences at once is not even dumb, it is suicidal.

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