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Make Money With These Mobile Apps


10 Nov Make Money With These Mobile Apps

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Now none of these apps can make you rich, but still, isn’t it nice to get paid for what you already use your phone for?

CheckPoints lets you make money by taking quizzes, watching videos, surfing the web, scanning bar codes, and completing offers, most of which activities you already do. With this app, you can earn points which you can later trade in for gift cards from Amazon and other stores.

CheckPoints can be downloaded from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Field Agent
Field agent is a task-oriented crowdsourcing app which lets you find microjobs which you can complete in about two hours. These jobs pay through Paypal, and may include answering surveys, bar code scanning, mystery shopping, product reviews, checking demos, and taking photos.

Currently, this job is only available for iPhone users.

Like Field Agent, Gigwalk is a crowdsourcing app where you can complete small tasks or “gigs” (think of it as a mobile version of Fiverr). Most tasks include app testing, price checks, data verification, surveys, mystery shopping, photo taking, road signs verification, and more. Like Field Agent, it pays through Paypal.

Gigwalk is now available for Android users as well.

Locket is an app that pays mobile users for displaying ads on their phone’s home screen. An ad will appear whenever you unlock your phone, so basically you’ll get paid based on how often you unlock it. Locket may not pay much, but still, you’re most likely going to unlock your phone a few times a day, so why not get paid for it right?

Currently, Locket is only available for Android users.

Mylikes is a social media advertising app which pays you for viewing, clicking, and sharing links during a specific campaign period. This app is open for iOS and Android users, but those who want to get paid using the app should have their Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube accounts set up.

You can claim your mylikes earnings via Paypal cash or Amazon gift cards.

This is a rewards app which lets you download free apps and then earn points by playing games or sharing those apps on your social media accounts. While you don’t earn actual cash through AppRewards, you can convert the points you earn later on to redeem free items from various stores.

To date, AppRewards is only open to Apple users.


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