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Little Games Smartphones Manufacturers Play


17 May Little Games Smartphones Manufacturers Play

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You must have heard about the Sony flagship smartphone Xperia Z, which has been notably received by the public and critics alike, it is already in the fourth generation. Did you know that Samsung has a smartphone out, which has the funny name Samsung Z? The lesser known Samsung Z was developed as a mid-level phone, yet it has certain qualities, which put it way beyond that point. For instance it has a fingerprint sensor and it also has 16 GB of storage and 2 GB of RAM. Interestingly enough, it does not feature Android OS, but Tizen, the same OS that is found in Samsung Gear smartwatches. Thus, a lawsuit was avoided and Samsung could also have a “Z” phone.

As mentioned, the other funny joke is that a smartphone, which is clearly not a flagship model, has a fingerprint sensor, something Apple has touted as a “huge” improvement on their recent iPhone models, which incidentally do not even have nowhere near 2 GB of RAM. The Samsung Z has also with 306 ppi pixel density on a 4.8 inches large screen clearly “Retina” quality display, although it is not specifically noted.

Samsung, though, really likes to rub it in. Apple was rumoured for two years now to be working on a curved display screen for the iPhone, yet Samsung came just recently out with two phones, the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, beating Apple again. The most distressing information is that Apple does not plan to include a curved display version of the upcoming iPhone 6.


Two years ago, approximately, HTC came out with a full metallic body design, which improved the original iPhone design and defined the new level of cool. Incidentally, at that time Apple was dabbling with plastic back covers. Not only did HTC with the HTC One M7 win the Smartphone of the Year award two years in a row, but also redefined the sound on a phone device, putting the bar so high, even two years later not a single manufacturer managed to even come close in terms of sound.

When stories started to circulate about iPhone 5s getting bent, if kept in back pocket, LG came out with the LG G Flex 2, which has curved body and display as a gimmick. While the design did not bring anything particularly new, only the whole phone seems bent and since that it was designed to be as such, it looked pretty sleek, the apparent ridicule of the iPhone 5 mishap produced some gnashing of teeth in Cupertino. Needless to say that the LG G Flex 2 has specs that dwarf the specs displayed by the iPhone 5, such as dual quad-core CPU, 5.5 inches screen, 3 GB RAM, 64-bit architecture, and so on.

There are plenty of other little jokes and stories regarding such pranks these huge manufacturers play on each other, yet in all seriousness, the whole battle for the market dominance is no joke at all. Nevertheless, it is nice to see that despite all the stern fighting for market shares, the participants still retain some humour and keep the whole show really interesting for the curious public.

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