Mega Mobile | Is Samsung Galaxy S6 Really the Smartphone of the Year?
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Is Samsung Galaxy S6 Really the Smartphone of the Year?


15 May Is Samsung Galaxy S6 Really the Smartphone of the Year?

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Recently made available everywhere in two versions, the one with rounded edges and the one without, Samsung Galaxy S6 has undoubtedly made an impact. The surprisingly notable PR campaign and the sleek design of the new Samsung flagship device did make the news worldwide, the Edge gimmick is truly something remarkable and new, the device is top of the line and incredibly interesting. The question, though, remains the same, is this new smartphone truly something special, unique and revolutionary or is it just another upgrade on the previous model, without much being actually “new”?

A 5.1 inches with a Super AMOLED touchscreen at approximately 70% screen to body ratio with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels at a 577 ppi density is probably the best display available and possible to date. An octa-core, or rather dual quad-core CPU with the in-house Exynos 7420 processor running at true 64-bit and having therefore an irrational 3 GB of RAM memory (4 GB would have made it just perfect), does sound rather compelling. The camera is 16 MP, with all the bells and whistles you might have expected, including HDR, face detection, optical image stabilisation, etc. Disappointingly, there is only a non-removable battery included and no storage expansion microSD card slot.


It is a beautiful phone, no doubt about that. It very probably might snatch the Smartphone of the Year award, but it is truly doubtful if this is the best smartphone available, since that it is not the best and most interesting smartphone in the Samsung house. Much more interesting is the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, which is a bit larger at 5.7 inches and therefore has a slightly lower ppi density with 524, which is not truly an issue. The Note, though, has a replaceable battery and microSD card slot. The biggest difference is the Edge gimmick. Where the Note has a sidebar with features affixed to the Edge, the S6 only has a curved screen. It is not clear why Samsung chose to do this.

HTC already came out with the also incredible HTC One M9, but even more eagerly awaited is the just released LG G4. Sony has also announced its new flagship, the Sony Xperia Z4, which will feature a truly stellar camera with 20.7 MP and sometimes later in the year Apple will release, or not, the iPhone 6, which is not really expected to surprise anybody with features. The throne will, however, be taken by the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5, which will have an octa-core processor, 64-bit architecture, 4 GB of RAM, retina scanner, true 4k resolution display, 27 MP camera and probably more, at least according to persistent rumours.

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