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HTC vs. Apple


12 Jul HTC vs. Apple

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Apple rejuvenated the mobile phone market in 2007 with the release of the iPhone, the first smartphone of the generation as it is understood now, despite the fact that it was not first in anything Apple claimed to be. The iPhone conquered the market and the whole world stumbled to catch the progressing giant, which took giant steps towards smartphone market domination. Then Steve Jobs died, then Android took over, then Apple stumbled and now it is just an overpriced toy for people who prefer “bling” to a full wallet, people with more money than taste, people who are capable of believing that a dual-core processor is faster than an octa-core, just because it has the Apple logo on it.

HTC, on the other hand, was innovative from the start, in fact much more than Apple, HTC was the first to release an Android phone in 2010, HTC was the first to manufacture a touchscreen smartphone in 2000, albeit as an outsourced manufacturer, HTC was the first one to feature a booming sound in the handheld device that surpassed anything ever heard from a smartphone and is still without comparison, HTC was the first to release a Windows smartphone and do not forget that the “Iron Man” Robert Downey Jr. chose HTC rather than any other smartphone maker, to be the spokesperson for the brand.

In a few months from now, a new iPhone – it is not known if it will be iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S or both, perhaps even iPhone Air – will be released. It is not surprising that Apple touts it as the best smartphone of the world, which could not be farther from the truth. It is probably not going to surpass a quad-core processor and go octa-core, as it is not going to feature more than 2 GB of RAM. The resolution is supposed to finally reach 2k, despite the announced 4k, with around 400+ dpi. It is very likely to feature a new version of the iOS, the number is yet to be determined, but it most likely will be iOS 9. It will run properly only on the new device, but slow down all other available devices, as it is usual with any new incarnation of an Apple software. The iPhone 7, or whatever the name will in the end be, most likely iPhone 6S, because it would be shameful with aforementioned specs to proclaim anything monumental did happen, when it does get released, will feature a better camera, featuring a 12 megapixel sensor.


This would not be such a blow, if HTC did not announce the release of a cheaper and less powerful version of their HTC One M9 flagship, the HTC One ME. Targeting initially only the market in India, the One ME features a 5.2 inches screen with a 1440 x 2560 resolution at 565 ppi pixel density, an octa-core processor, 32 GB storage with micro SD slot capable of facilitating the new 2TB memory cards, 3 GB of RAM, a 20 MP camera and, of course, the incredible sound expected from a HTC One device.

The point here is a staggering one: according to the specs and truthfully by examining the device itself, the less powerful version of the HTC One M9, the HTC One ME, demolishes the new iPhone, which was not even released yet. The popularity of the iPhone will not wane, because there are much better phones out there, cheaper, even much cheaper than the iPhone, yet much more powerful. The Apple aficionados are simply not ready to accept that Apple has completely lost the smartphone game. No matter how harsh and vivid the reality, the apple of their eye is still their most prized possession, it will continue to be, despite damning evidence to the contrary.

What is the reason people will rather believe the PR talk and trumped up empty phrases, than sheer specifications, or even direct evidence of holding two devices in the hand, comparing them side by side? Are people so gullible, naive, easy to manipulate, that they rather would purchase an overpriced dud, than admit they were duped? Perhaps, but much more likely is the fact that people are buying according to their beliefs. They believe that Apple is better, for them it is better. They believe that the iPhone runs just as fast with two cores as the HTC does with eight. They believe that 1 GB RAM is just as good as 3 GB of RAM and they believe that they have got a bargain by paying more for an inferior device, because of style and status.

This race in the smartphone market will not stop, all other manufacturers are fighting for dominance as well, with the technology being improved on a daily basis. It is questionable that Apple will be able to significantly shape the future, as it did with the original release of the iPhone, but one can always hope. At some point design, pretence of exclusivity and posh demeanour will not be enough to mask the lagging behind the competition and unless Apple manages to produce something truly remarkable, the whole house of cards will just collapse. Several other companies have managed to go from stellar to cellar in a minute, just remember Commodore and Atari. They were also unable to step down from their high horse and overview the dire situation with a clear mind. For Apple, the clock of doom is running out and action is needed now, immediately.

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