Mega Mobile | How to Reduce Your Mobile Internet Costs?
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How to Reduce Your Mobile Internet Costs?

reduce mobile internet costs

05 Mar How to Reduce Your Mobile Internet Costs?

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Since the advent of feature phones and smartphones, most of us have been aware of how to use our phone to connect to the internet. In fact, many of us are sure to use our mobile in checking emails, social media, and surfing at least once each day. If you’re the type of person who considers mobile data as an obvious necessity rather than an extra, here are some tips on how you can cut costs on your mobile internet.

Assess Your Usage

First and foremost, you definitely need to determine how much mobile data exactly is enough for you. Although most of us utilise our phone’s internet at one point, not everyone uses it in the same way. For example, there are those who simply check their emails, while some stream videos and music regularly. Knowing what type of user you are can you help you decide how much monthly allocation for data is actually enough. It is important to know when to choose a smaller MB, and when to go all unlimited.

Consider a Slower Internet Connection

Of course, a slower internet connection will limit the things you can do with your mobile, but if you’re a very light surfer, and perhaps have your own high-speed internet at home where you do most of your online tasks, a slower mobile internet makes sense. Unless you require frequent and reliable internet connection on the go, 24/7, then a basic mobile plan can save you a lot of cash in the long run.

reduce mobile internet costs

Consider a Portable Hotspot

If you have more than one mobile device, it could be more cost-efficient to purchase a portable Wi-Fi, so that you can connect any of your devices, wherever you are. This may allow you to ditch your mobile data and your home internet, and instead use only one source of connection. However, if you have a home-based job, or if you need DSL, this should be given careful thought.

You may also use your mobile phone itself as a portable hotspot, thanks to technological advancements. However, some providers may charge extra for tethering, so make sure you assess the costs first.

Take Advantage of Your Workplace’s Free Wi-Fi

Many offices today provide free internet to employers. While we don’t recommend using public networks, your Wi-Fi at work is certainly more secured than that of Starbucks. Still, common sense should be used in determining which online activities are safe to perform over your workplace connection. Also, make sure that surfing doesn’t affect your job, and do this only during your break.

Use Calls and Messaging Apps

If you have your mobile data constantly running anyway, take advantage of your phone’s internet to save costs on regular calls and texts. Lots of free apps today such as Viber, Skype, and Whatsapp will allow you to call and send messages to your contacts using only your internet connection, and for without any additional costs! If most of your relatives and friends have constant internet connection, you might want to cut down on your monthly texts and minutes and rely on your internet instead.


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