Mega Mobile | How to Cut Costs on Your Phone Bill?
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How to Cut Costs on Your Phone Bill?


21 Nov How to Cut Costs on Your Phone Bill?

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Every little saving we could deduct from our expenses is always appreciated. A few bills here and there could add up, and so making an effort to cut costs on each would mean a lot to your budget. One of the things you can cut significant costs from is your mobile phone bill. Here’s how:

Don’t Always Go with the Cheapest

Don’t think that going with lowest tariffs is always the best solution. There are lots of people who opted for the cheapest plans and ended up paying more in the end, simply because they underestimated their mobile usage.

The cheapest plans often have limited credits as well, so make sure to consider if these will be enough to cover your usage for the month. Going over your allowance may subject you to excessive bill charges, and you’d regret later on that you should’ve picked another package instead.

Limit Your Data

Before choosing a phone contract, one of the things you should assess is how you make use of your phone’s internet connection. Are you the type who checks emails occasionally, or one who thrives on your online accounts? Are you the type who rarely visits your Facebook account (or perhaps even hate it), or one that follows everyone you remotely know in all of their social media accounts? Knowing how much you use your phone’s internet will help you decide on how much data you’ll need to subscribe to.

As a follow up question to this, you also need to find out if you have other ways to connect to the internet. Do you have Wi-Fi at home or at the office to support you with these habits? If none, then getting on an unlimited data subscription might be the best option to help you save money. But if you have internet at home or office, then perhaps a few hundred MBs would suffice.

It’s also worth asking your provider’s Fair Usage Policy. There are providers that limit your data consumption to a certain amount of MB per day, and charge you for any excess. It won’t make sense to have an unlimited package if it’s not truly unlimited and if it ends up costing you more.

Use Free Apps

Developers are always up to creating awesome applications for mobile users. Fortunately for you, most of these great apps are just free for you to download. Even the highest rated apps and games are free, so unless you need them badly, avoid premium apps.


Cap Your Tariffs

If your credit consumption changes from time to time, and you feel that picking an unlimited package may be too much, then another option is to cap your tariffs. When you cap your tariffs, you may have to pay a small fee, but this ensures that you won’t have to pay more than the agreed amount.

Avoid In-App Purchases

Unless the purchase is absolutely necessary to your life or career, then avoid those in-app purchases that come popping up your screen all the time. While you’re dying to get those boosters in Candy Crush or those gems from Clash of Clans, they aren’t really contributing much to your wellbeing (unless you’re a YouTuber or a blogger whose main source of income is reviewing games or apps, posting tutorials, etc). You can use those extra credit card charges to buy something more useful.

Learn to Haggle

Haggling is a skill that not everyone possesses, but is something that you could learn over time. Spot every opportunity to negotiate with your provider for better rates, extra credits, or any small freebie that you can take advantage of, especially when you’re nearing the end of your contract. These little things add up, especially when you consider the fact that most mobile contracts last for 24 months.

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