Mega Mobile | How to Choose the Best Smartphone for You
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How to Choose the Best Smartphone for You


24 Feb How to Choose the Best Smartphone for You

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Smartphones are all the rage today. Mostly everyone who’s looking to purchase a new mobile is hoping to get their hands on the latest smartphones. The big question is, are smartphones worth purchasing? And how can you make sure the one you get will be the best for your needs? Here’s how.

Determine Your Needs

Instead of falling for the hype, ask yourself what you want out of your smartphone. Not because the iPhone is undoubtedly the most expensive in the market doesn’t necessarily mean it’s also the best. Ask yourself what you are going to do mostly with your phone. Are you always on social media? Do you need the most effective shooter in broad daylight, or during low light situations? Do you email or send attachments a lot? Are you clumsy and perhaps have dropped a few phones in the water or on the hard flooring?

Different smartphones today have various characteristics that set them apart from the rest of the competition. Know what each one has to offer so you can make your decisions accordingly.

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Compare Prices

While all phones have suggested retail prices attached to them, there will still always be price differences depending on where you get them from. For instance, if you’re opting for a phone contract, you may find that the monthly tariffs are different across providers, which definitely creates a huge impact on your overall budget.

Meanwhile, even if you decided to buy an unlocked phone outright, different retailers may still have varying offers. You can buy from a physical store, an online store, or ask a friend from overseas to buy it for you. If you have some coupons from a retailer, you can use them as well to cut costs, and you can notice how comparing can save you a whole lot.

Test Before You Purchase

Even the most gorgeous smartphone may be flawed in some areas, and only in testing can you actually know what these flaws are. While some of them may be ignored easily, there are important aspects that are pretty much disturbing for some users.

If you have friends who recently purchased some of the phones that you’re looking to buy, you may want to ask them how the devices perform, or better yet, test them out for yourself. While reading other customers’ reviews may also be helpful, nothing beats having your hands on the physical gadget and finding out for yourself what it has to offer before actually shelling out your own cash.

Consider Buying the Latest

If you’re determined that you really need a smartphone, perhaps you should consider buying the newest one released, not because you just want to jump into the bandwagon, but because you want to keep your phone fresh for quite some time. As opposed to buying a nearly new handset, buying the latest handset make it seem like your phone isn’t that outdated even after a couple of years has passed.


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