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How Not to Spend Much When Going Out?


19 Nov How Not to Spend Much When Going Out?

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People who are trying to save money don’t always have to confine themselves in the four corners of their home or office. We all want some time off from all the stresses, and it’s always great to go out from time to time, just to breathe. However, if you are worried that doing so will cost you a lot, here are a few tips we have compiled that should help you not to spend more than necessary when going out.

Eat at Home

You can easily spend about £20 or so when you go out, depending on where you eat, how many people are with you, and the nature of your meal. If you’re going out to simply unwind, buy a few essentials, or catch a good movie, it would be smart to eat at home and save yourself the extra costs.

If the only reason you’re going out is to treat yourself a good meal outside, we’re not saying that you should deprive yourself of the simple pleasure, but at least don’t overdo it. Before dining, you might as well check online for coupons or promos, and check if a restaurant/diner/bar offers happy hour. Additionally, try not to have the main course, drinks, desserts, and everything else outside.

Leave Your Cash/Credit Card

The saying “know thyself” couldn’t be any more correct when you’re trying to save cash. If you know that you tend to give in to temptation easily, might as well leave some of your cash and plastics, or even your whole wallet if you think you’re in a dangerous position.

Avoid Your Favourite Places

It may be counter-intuitive to avoid your favourite places when you want to have a good time, but it definitely makes sense if you’re broke. You run the risk of overbuying stuff that you don’t even need most of the time when you’re at your to-go clearance outlet or boutique. Even if you frequent these stores every day, you just can’t seem to run out of things to buy.

Go Out When You’re Busy

Whether you need to attend a parents’ meeting, or catch that weekly series you can’t afford to miss, getting out on a hurry can save you tons of cash. It can help you avoid window shopping, and we all know that for most people, window shopping has a very high percentage of failure. Sandwich the time you need to visit the mall or groceries between two other important activities so you don’t end up spending too much time looking around, and buying things unplanned.

List Everything You Need

If you’re shopping for groceries or any other essentials, make sure you have a list with you before going out. Not having one may lead you to simply grab anything that you pass by. Think ahead of time about what you really need, and stick to those items.


Follow the 24-Hour Rule

The 24-hour rule is an excellent test of self-discipline, and which could easily save you a lot of cash in the end. According to the 24-hour rule, if you saw something that you really want to buy, don’t purchase it immediately, but rather wait at least 24 hours before deciding whether to buy it or not. After the time passed, go back to that item. If you still want it, then buy it. But if you’re having second thoughts, chances are you didn’t really want it in the first place.

Don’t Try to Impress People

It sure is nice to be that person who always treat your friends to a few drinks, but becoming “that” person requires you to spend a large amount of cash, cash that you don’t always have. Even if you do have the money, don’t make it a point to treat everyone you know just to impress them. Be kind to yourself. You are working hard at least 40 hours a week, spend that money wisely.

There are lots of temptations that you can encounter when you go outside. By following the tips above, you can protect yourself and your hard-earned cash from all sorts of temptations that will make you feel guilty afterwards.

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