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Do You Really Need a Smartphone?


28 Apr Do You Really Need a Smartphone?

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Having a mobile phone in the Western World is definitely viewed as a necessity, for a variety of somewhat flimsy reasons and for a very good one: connectivity. Being able to reach someone and to be reached at any time is priceless and sometimes vital, no matter if you are an ailing grandma or a hipster businessperson. Do you need for that purpose a smartphone? If you are truly a businessperson, is a smartphone not more of a distraction, than helpful, or do you truly just interact and do networking? Nowadays a smartphone provides plenty of useful features, starting with various connectivity apps like Viber, Skype, BB Messenger and the likes, down to full Office suites, allowing even presentation creation and editing.

So, yes, a smartphone can truly be a very powerful tool, where the ability to organise and schedule meetings and add reminders can save careers, but it can be a serious mind occupying gadget, where social networks and hip picture posting sites are providing ample excuses to be used. Hey, you were just showing the folks where you had your business lunch and with whom. Or you were in an office with a stellar view, you simply have to post that on Instagram, with an x-post on Facebook and Twitter.

There is also the completely viable statement of having a really fancy smartphone, as a status symbol, something once BlackBerry used to be and at some point an iPhone. Now being seen with any of those is considered “retro” at best. Right now, displaying a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is considered very debonair, it is one of the most expensive smartphones around and it has the new feature of a flexible display that is curved along the right edge and has the notable S-Pen as well. While all other specs are truly stellar as well, they are not as important as the gimmick.


In the business world everything is in appearances, how people are perceived, how they talk, act, sell stuff to the beholder. The results, on the other hand, are seldom a factor that is being seriously considered. Only truly successful companies and business units consider results a priority, but such instances are rare. Thus a smartphone is a part of the whole presentation of the individual carrying it. It does not really matter that the device has almost no contacts in it, which are personal or even remotely important. The main focus here is becoming a clog in a machinery, where as much of the cash is dripping into this particular pocket, rather than in somebody else’s.

If you are not within this particular framework of busy looking people where nobody is truly sure what these individuals actually do for a living, then the question is still valid, do you truly need a smartphone? The answer to this question can be very simple. Yes, you do need a smartphone, because it is fun to have a good one and you can enjoy your new and versatile toy anytime, because it is small and portable everywhere. So, to be wholly honest, you do not need a smartphone, but you want to have it and you deserve to have it, because you are just as entitled to have one as anybody else.

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