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Do You Need the Edge?


24 Mar Do You Need the Edge?

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It is here, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy Note Edge have finally arrived and the feature is way beyond cool. Why, you ask? Well, mainly because since the release of HTC One (M7) more than two years ago, nothing truly new has happened in the smartphone market. Yes, the resolutions of the screen are high, even on cheaper devices. Yes, the phones got bigger, even Apple ballooned their iPhones out of proportion. Besides the size change and increase in RAM capacity, only the processors got a bit faster, but beyond a point you can barely notice any difference. The flexible display did not bring anything interesting, up to this very point.

What is “The Edge”?

When you look at the smartphone, the display screen rolls over the edge, actually spills over, so that a part of the display is actually on the side of the phone. Initial thought is that it may pose a problem, when you hold your phone in your hand, you may be constantly touching a part of the touch sensitive surface. Apparently, this was one of the main reasons for providing that feature, since that all the notifications can be lodged right there on the edge, where they are clearly visible, even if you have your phone in a cover. Additionally, one touch of the icon, displaying the notification, immediately opens the app in question.

The versatility of “The Edge”

You do not have to put only notifications on the edge surface, you can place your music player controls on the side, for easy access. You can display a ruler. You can control the recording device there. You can place camera controls there. Or, you can simply design any edge that you like, including a handwritten note. The best thing is, you have at least the same amount of power and features as the regular device, plus all the additional gadgets and gimmicks of “The Edge”.


Do I need it?

This will remain a highly personal choice, something that does require careful consideration. It is awesome that you have a really cool gadget added to your incredible variety of smartphone capabilities, but is it more than just a novelty item? You did have that notification bar below your main display anyway, now it is on the side. Granted, you gained some inches on your display screen and you are not constantly interrupted in your usage by social network app notifications. But the buttons on the sidebar are really small and you will not always intentionally touch them, unless you get used to the different handling of the device. It is a new concept, it is awesome, but it definitely may not be everybody’s cup of tea.

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