Mega Mobile | Cool and Simple Tricks You Can Do with Your Android Phone
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Cool and Simple Tricks You Can Do with Your Android Phone


16 Nov Cool and Simple Tricks You Can Do with Your Android Phone

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As of this writing, Android users dominate the mobile phone market worldwide with a whopping 78% as compared to 18% of Apple users. Now if you belong to this vast majority, wouldn’t you want to know how special your Android phone is and why it is winning the battle? Fortunately enough, there really are quite a few good things about your Android phone than just being cheaper than an iOS phone. Here they are.

Tap Phones to Share Data

With Android, all it takes is tapping two NFC devices back to back to send music, photos, videos, contacts, apps, and pretty much anything! If you’re unsure if your phone is NFC-enabled, go to Settings, and then under Connections, you will see if there’s an option for NFC. Turn on S Beam or Android Beam to start sending files.

Take a Screenshot Easily

Nothing beats the simplicity of taking screenshots with an Android phone. All you have to do is hold the power, home, and volume up buttons simultaneously. For Galaxy S4, simply hold home and power buttons, or slide the side of your hand from left to right. Make sure Palm Motion is activated though.

Discover Your Battery’s Status

Just by dialling *#0228#, you can obtain your battery readings, and even calibrate your battery!

Monitor Your Data Usage

With an Android phone, you never have to worry about going over your monthly data allowance and paying huge bills as a consequence. Just click on Settings, go to Data Usage, and then set your data limit. You will receive a warning when you’re close to the limit you set. You will also be able to see how much each app uses your data.

Swipe to Type

We are aware that most Android phones are big, and it’s not all the time that both of our hands are free. If you want to single-handedly text on your monstrous phone, that’s where gesture typing can prove to be convenient. While you can download apps like Swype or Google Keyboard, the default keyboard in Samsung phones, has built-in swiping capabilities.


Face Unlock

If you’re too lazy to key in a PIN or draw a pattern to unlock your phone, you can enable face detection for a quick and really cool way to do it. Just go to your Settings, find Screen Lock under either Security or Lock Screen tabs, and then snap a photo of yourself.

Access Open Tabs on Other Devices

Conveniently, your Android phone lets you access open tabs on other devices as long as you’re signed in to Google Chrome. This is very handy if you need to resume reading or whatever it is you were doing with your phone that got interrupted for some reason.

There could be a lot more tricks that your Android phone has in its sleeves. Make sure to go around the user’s manual and visit reputable forums that tackle these topics. Because your phone is one of the costly purchases you constantly make, might as well get the most out of it.

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