Mega Mobile | Can You Still Save a Phone That Got Wet?
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Can You Still Save a Phone That Got Wet?


16 Mar Can You Still Save a Phone That Got Wet?

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When your phone got wet because it dived into a bucket of water or into the bath, that doesn’t mean it’s a lost cause. It has a fighting chance to turn back on and work as usual when you keep these tips and things in mind just in case it happens. Here are things you need to do and not do when your phone accidentally gets wet:

What to Do

A wet phone needs to get dry as soon as possible. Rather than act like a technician and dismantle your phone so it dries faster, do the following steps instead:

  • Get it off the water immediately. Prolonged soaking in the water will only increase the chances of damage.
  • After which, pull out the battery to avoid any instance of short circuit. Remember not to push any buttons especially the power button on as that may shift the liquid inside the device.
  • In case your phone has a non-removable battery like iPhones, the best step is to press a random buttons to check if it’s still on. If it is, turn it off immediately.
  • Help facilitate better ventilation for the phone by removing the Sim card and SD card if there are any.
  • Wipe off the phone with a towel to absorb the liquid. Just make sure you avoid letting any liquid go through the openings of the phone.
  • After drying off the phone, don’t turn it back on just yet. To really make sure there is no moisture left within the phone, you can bury it in a bowl of desiccant materials like rice, gel packs or dry ice maybe to absorb the moisture.
  • Leave the phone buried in the desiccant for 24 to 48 hours and make sure your phone is really dry before turning it back on again the following day.
  • When all else fails, check your warranty. It may still be valid so might as well take advantage of that and have your wet professionally taken care of by a knowledgeable technician.


What Not to Do

In cases of wet phones, here are things you should avoid doing if you don’t want to increase the risk of damage on your device:

  • Avoid using a hairdryer to dry off your phone. While the hairdryer may be the fastest way to evaporate the moisture off a wet phone, it isn’t wise because it may lead to the phone becoming too hot and thus damage the internal components of the device.
  • Avoid the freezer method. Many recommend that you wrap your phone in paper towel then stick it in a freezer. This method is believed to prevent the phone from short circuiting. Unfortunately, it isn’t the best solution because the ice eventually thaws and you end up with the same problem or may even worse.
  • Avoid sticking anything into the ports or holes of your devices. Some may recommend that you stick something pointed wrapped in paper towel to dry off the phone. Not only is this method inconvenient but it risks the paper getting stuck inside the phone.
  • Avoid overcharging your phone as some people may recommend. They believe that the heat build-up of the charging process will gradually get rid of the moisture. That may be true but it also increases the risks of a possible circuitry problems considering the phone is wet and you’re going to run a current.
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