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Buying the Best Smartphones


09 Jul Buying the Best Smartphones

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Gone are the days when we heavily relied on phones that required us to press buttons when sending texts or making calls. The technological advancements have a seen rise in the number of smartphones that inadvertently has changed ways in which we shop online, connect on social media, browse for information online and even navigate to places hitherto unvisited. Whether we like it or not, we buy smartphones based on our needs or the nature of the work we need them for. For instance, if you are seeking for a Smartphone for the purposes of taking high quality photos, it’s imperative that you buy one with a high camera resolution.

Looking for a cheap and good Smartphone? How do you ensure that you get the best cheap Smartphone? The amazing news is that the cost of smartphones keeps going down every single day and getting a Smartphone with the best features is no longer a preserve of the rich and affluent. You only need to be conversant with the features that work best for you. That said, what are the features that you need to look out for to ensure that you buy the best cheap Smartphone?

  • Powerful processor

Most of the cheap smartphones have a week processor. In fact, the most common smartphones have processors of 1GHz. Such weak processors tend to make the phone sluggish especially if you are running a number of programs. With this in mind, you should look out for smartphones with a dual core processor. This is instrumental in enabling you to run a number of programs without any issues.

  • Good battery life

There is no denying that smartphones need immense power to run the various programs and applications. In this regard, a Smartphone should have a good battery life that will ensure your usage is as seamless as possible without interruptions or having to charge the battery several times in a day. Considering that smartphones use powerful processors and send information back and forth across the internet, they use a great deal of power. Buying a Smartphone whose battery dies within hours can be taxing to say the least. As such, always buy a Smartphone with a good battery life to ensure that you go about your duties without any interruptions whatsoever.

  • Screen size

A good Smartphone should be able to meet your immediate needs. Basically, a Smartphone with a 4.5 inch screen is easy to use and can be handled on one hand. However, watching videos or browsing WebPages with such a screen might not provide the best experience. If you want a Smartphone that will enable you watch videos and browse WebPages without having to worry about display, going for a Smartphone with a 6 inch screen size can provide you with a better experience especially if you have poor dexterity.

  • Fantastic app store

Of course, you want a Smartphone that enables you to download favorite apps without much of a hassle. A useful Smartphone should be one that runs on either android (Google play store) or IOS (app store). Android and iPhones are the most sought after smartphones in the market owing to the fact that they enable users to download programs easily and hassle free. What’s more? Most of the apps are free to download. With that in mind, if you are seeking to gain access to the Google or app store, you should either buy an android or iPhone Smartphone.


  • Storage capacity

A good Smartphone should be one that has enough storage capacity to store your most important photos, videos, apps, music files and any other important data. You definitely don’t want a Smartphone that keeps warning you of low space or forcing you to delete some of your important files. Additionally, if you believe that you will be saving a lot of things on your Smartphone, the best course of action would be to look for a Smartphone that has a micro SD slot. This enables you to save your important files on a memory card of 16 GB, 32GB or 64GB.

  • Read reviews of people who have used the phone you intend to buy

A Smartphone with positive reviews from other users is an indication that it’s good. You should therefore read reviews of smartphones and weigh the pros and cons. You should purpose to buy a Smartphone with stellar reviews and avoid those that have attracted a lot of complains.

In conclusion, buying a phone requires that you take into consideration a lot of things. A bad investment could mean loss of money and bad user experience. Find out what you need from a Smartphone and choose wisely. After all, it all boils down to how well you narrow down your preferences.

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