Mega Mobile | Blackberry Covertly Announce “Venice” – Android Slider Smartphone
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Blackberry Covertly Announce “Venice” – Android Slider Smartphone


12 Sep Blackberry Covertly Announce “Venice” – Android Slider Smartphone

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BlackBerry Limited, the former Research in Motion Limited, is a Canadian company mainly engaged in telecommunication and wireless equipment manufacturing, but most well-known for the BlackBerry brand of smartphones. BlackBerry tried to reboot their company in 2012 by completely restructuring everything, including outsourcing manufacturing to Foxconn, but this move did not work. By the end of 2013, a consortium tried to purchase BlackBerry, but this did not go through either, because the shareholders decided a billion US dollars cash injection will do the trick and allow BlackBerry to bounce back. A rumour in the early 2015 allowed BlackBerry to temporarily boom its stock’s value, it was regarding a Samsung takeover, but BlackBerry and Samsung later denied the validity of these rumours.

This latest try to rebound and provide BlackBerry users with trademark quality and business implementation, while offering a top of the line smartphone is nothing new, BlackBerry tried this with the BB10 devices and nobody was really interested. Yes, there is still interest in quality BlackBerry phones, even budget phones, such as the Z3, sold properly mainly in Indonesia, but the was no flagship phone that interested the masses in years, at least not until the project “Venice” war rumoured to exist. It was about an Android OS based BlackBerry smartphone, which will feature the full BlackBerry Productivity Suite, including the Hub, Docs to Go, the famous BlackBerry Keyboard, BlackBerry Contacts, Calendar and of course the Universal Search.


The phone itself is also a top of the line performer, featuring a 5.4 inch QHD touchscreen with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels at approximately 544 ppi pixel density; also included is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 SoC with a 1.8 GHz hexa-core 64-bit CPU, 64 GB storage and 3 GB RAM and a stunning 18 MP back camera, 5 MP front camera. The keyboard will be hidden under the slide display screen, ready to pop out when extensive writing is deemed required.

It does appear that BlackBerry listened to what customers demanded from BlackBerry and that they finally decided to give it a go. Taking a break from the in-house BlackBerry 10 or perhaps the BB 11 incarnation of the proprietary operating system might be the perfect idea to gain interest in the next to defunct Canadian company that is still enjoying a very good brand name recognition and following. Providing customers with the Android interface they expect, but also not denying the expected BlackBerry features has already generated very favourable internet buzz and many people are eager to see what the latest BlackBerry flagship will be able to do. Interest is mounting, hopefully BlackBerry will manage to meet the high expectations. This is maybe the last chance for BlackBerry to shine, hopefully “Venice” is the break they need.

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