Mega Mobile | Bad Credit – Phone Contract, a Mission Impossible
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Bad Credit – Phone Contract, a Mission Impossible


23 Apr Bad Credit – Phone Contract, a Mission Impossible

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Almost daily we get to see the latest mobile phones, smartphones, handheld devices praised and displayed, with dozens of functions and capabilities that parallel the ones of whole computers and laptops. It does make sense to have such a device handy – pun intended – and it helps being available at all times through mail, SMS, phone, Viber and whatever else is there to further connectivity and career options. If you still operate an outdated NOKIA – newsflash, the company is now Microsoft, of all horrors – or perhaps a Blackberry pre OS 10, then you are missing out on a lot. Your only problem is that you cannot get a modern, up to date phone, because you have bad credit.

It happens

Sometimes accumulating a bad credit report is happening too fast to follow. For instance, there was a guy who lost his job, but found another one almost immediately afterwards. He did have some money saved up, so when he was asked to do first three weeks without pay, to get introduced into the job, he accepted, since that he already signed the contract, starting him up with the now job within the same month. All was well, he will miss only one month’s worth of pay, no problem. Unfortunately, he started getting late with all of his payments. No problem, only one month late, everybody just kept reminding him to pay, he paid late, all was fine.

Then a bill arrived for payment, which was for the actual month, not the month before, that bill got stuck behind some notes on the piano, stupid, really. He did not even see the problem coming, when it hit him. He managed to fix that one immediately, hey, he got money. But his phone bill got delayed for another month, no problem, he got that one a bit later than usual, they did not even disconnect his service. Juggling continued, he managed to do it for a long while, but then he got sick, really sick and was out of the job for three months. The guys at work were great, but they needed to hire a temp, could not pay him his full wages, but the job waited for him when he got back.

Once he got back, he took a loan and paid off all the outstanding debts, got up to date, all was fine, the bank manager was sweet, told him he normally would not be eligible for a loan, with all the mess, but they knew each other, he was a valued customer, no problem the bad credit will disappear in no time. Then his contract was up and the phone company cancelled the renewal. Suddenly he was there without a carrier and not a single one of the regular ones wanted to give him the time of the


There are places that broker major carrier services even if you have bad credit. This guy was incredibly happy to not only be able to reinstate his service, with the same carrier, keeping the same number, but also to get a brand new smartphone, with the monthly fee almost the same as it used to be. By the time his next contract term was up, his credit rating improved that much, he did not need any brokers. A real success story, something similar probably to your own – but it does not matter, does it? Main thing is that you have a way now of still getting the service you deserve.

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