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Asus ZenFone 2


09 Aug Asus ZenFone 2

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ASUSTeK Computer Inc. is a computer hardware manufacturer giant. They have a revenue that surpasses 10 billion Pounds, their total brand value is just about a billion quid. It was inevitable that this giant enters into the smartphone and handheld markets and after the initial success with the Transformer Tab series, ASUS finally entered into the smartphone market. One of the first smartphones series they designed was the ZenFone series of products. In 2015 ASUS started with releases from their second generation of ZenFone smartphones, series aptly named ZenFone 2, despite the whole first series having ZenFone 4, 5 and 6 – referring to the size of the display in inches.

A few months ago, ASUS released their new flagship smartphone, the Asus ZenFone 2 ZE551ML. Apparently the ending after the number 2 is how that phone is being defined – giving proper names to their product is something the PR department needs to take a look at. Moreover, the confusion does not end there, this very product comes in two different versions, which do not have a different name. The one which has 4 GB RAM has the Intel Atom Z3580 chipset, with quad-core processor running at 2.3 GHz tact frequency, the 2 GB RAM model has an Intel Atom Z3560 chipset, featuring a quad-core processor running at 1.8 GHz. Both are available in 16/32/64 GB variants.

The ASUS ZenFone 2 flagship has a 5.5 inches screen with a 70.1% screen to body ratio, a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels amounting to some 406 ppi pixel density. It comes with the Android OS 5.0 Lollipop factory installed, with the ASUS ZenUI, because smartphone makers just live to produce bloatware. The aforementioned storage can be expanded per microSD card. The main camera is 13 MP, with dual LED flash and autofocus, the “selfie” camera is 5 MP.


All ASUS phones have solid Li-Po batteries, the flagship a 3000 mAh battery. If you have no idea what that means, the iPhone 6 has an 1810 mAh battery. Another thing all ASUS smartphones come with is the cloud storage freebie, everybody gets 5 GB of free lifetime ASUS WebStorage. This is truly exceptional, Samsung used to only give out 1 GB for one year, after that, you pay or you do not stay. Another good sign that ASUS is truly trying to be competitive are the prices. ASUS tries to be always one range below in pricing than the competition, for instance, the aforementioned flagship is with its price in the range of the OnePlus One, the more expensive version.

ASUS is very serious with the attempt to seriously matter in the smartphone marketplace, having already made a very good name in India, China and other Far East countries. Perhaps the only reason why ASUS is still almost unknown in the UK, the US and the EU in terms of smartphones is their utter ignorance in terms of PR work and their inaptitude to properly name their device. There is next to no advertising for ASUS smartphones and you can barely find a service provider that features any of the ASUS phones in their portfolio of products, at least in the UK.

Perhaps ASUS intends to take it slow, build a strong set of followers in Asia and then try and conquer more, whereby until then they leave it up to chance and the good sense of people who know the quality they are capable of, to discover their phones. People were struggling to purchase a OnePlus phone up until very recently, but here is a perfectly similar smartphone, with a better household name than OnePlus (they are a subsidiary of Oppo, another name you never heard of) and nobody is running around trying to purchase it. ASUS really needs to up its game with the advertising, it is getting ridiculous. If you can, go and test one of the ASUS devices, prices on Amazon start already at some 200 quid. You will not regret it.

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