Mega Mobile | Are Microsoft Phones Worth the While?
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Are Microsoft Phones Worth the While?


18 May Are Microsoft Phones Worth the While?

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Microsoft Mobile, or rather whatever is left of the once great NOKIA brand of phones, is actually a Finland based subsidiary of Microsoft, as already stated, the former NOKIA devices and services division. Since April 2014 the transition from NOKIA to Microsoft started with the purchase that was worth north of 6 billion US Dollars. It seems that NOKIA got the best out of Microsoft during this deal, since that they retained the brand name.

Microsoft did and is truly trying to enter into the handheld market, it is not widely known that the first tablet PCs were manufactured by Microsoft already in 2001, but nobody cared. Nobody cared also when Microsoft tried to produce social network based mobile phones in 2010, called Microsoft Kin. Yes, you too did not hear about this either. It was a ridiculous failure, once again Microsoft invested billions into something nobody wanted to see, own or hear about.

Before Microsoft purchased the whole of NOKIA, they had a two year long strategic partnership, which did run somewhat nicely, yet the Microsoft Windows Mobile OS based phones were and still are not really popular. NOKIA did build great phones, still is the company that sold most mobile phones ever, but with Microsoft on the rudder, it is all but expected to succeed. There is no rational reason why Microsoft manages to sell any kind of PC based operating system, but nobody want to see that on either a tablet or a smartphone. People adore the Xbox, but playing Xbox games on a handheld device entices nobody to purchase a smartphone formerly known as NOKIA.


Microsoft is not giving up just yet. The latest rumour is that a camera smartphone, featuring a 50 megapixel Carl Zeiss optics is in the works, featuring a 1/1.2” sensor. Other specs are not as stellar, but this is actually supposed to be a great camera with a smartphone added in. It is expected that this device will run Microsoft Windows 10 OS and that it will be released in the first half of 2015, but apparently a delay is already happening, since the official announcement did not take place yet.

Despite the discouraging results to date, Microsoft seems to have enough cash left over in order to pursue this relatively hopeless endeavour. It was not enough to release the tablet PC ten years before Apple and then get accused to steal ideas when Surface surfaced. It was not enough to manufacture Windows Mobile OS for a decade before iOS was invented, for no reason or profit whatsoever. It was not enough to purchase Nokia, just to lose the brand name and lag behind Apple and all Android phones in sales and technology. No, Microsoft does not give up, even if the losses are counted in billions. For that very reason, get ready for the reintroduction of the Surface tablets and LUMIA phones nobody actually wants to have. At some point, it would be a good idea to just toy with the idea of releasing an Android phone under the Microsoft moniker, just to see how people respond. But Microsoft is not ready yet to manufacture a successful phone. They will probably rather purchase BlackBerry next.

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